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Dragonflight patch (10.0.5)
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Version: 0.1.5
by: zestyquarks [More]

A tiny mod with a single purpose. It handles inviting your group for you (and accepting invites from your group), so you don't have to do that. Whether it's one other person (just your partner) or more. It's got you covered. It also has an option (disabled by default) to handle party-sync automatically too.

Note: Those you add to your list will have to be friended so that Fellowship can properly detect whether they're online or not.


/fs t: Toggle the automatic party-sync functionality.
/fs l: List the invite slots and who's occupying them.

/fs a1 name: Add a character to the first invite slot.
/fs a2 name: Add a character to the second invite slot.
/fs a3 name: Add a character to the third invite slot.
/fs a4 name: Add a character to the fourth invite slot.
/fs a5 name: Add a character to the fifth invite slot.

/fs r1: Remove the character in the first invite slot.
/fs r2: Remove the character in the second invite slot.
/fs r3: Remove the character in the third invite slot.
/fs r4: Remove the character in the fourth invite slot.
/fs r5: Remove the character in the fifth invite slot.


/fs a3 leeroy Adds Leeroy to the third invite slot.
/fs r3 Removes Leeroy from that slot.

That's it.


* I added a reminder to Fellowship. If you set it up to invite someone but you don't have them on your friends list, it'll remind you once per session.


* Darn it, didn't check the right notes. I remember why I didn't use UIC now. Oh dear. Anyway, I had to use GetFriendInfo instead. So, that's that. Working now.


* I don't look at the chat frame a lot due to my sight, so I forgot this. Derp. Fellowship now checks whether a unit is online before trying to invite with a UnitIsConnected(unitID) check. So you'll no longer get spammed with "Player isn't online!" and "Dungeon type set to..." and so on. Sorry about that.


* Better feedback from the list command.
* The code needed some refactoring and cleaning up due to how it works now as Fellowship versus back when it was Dynamic Duo. For programmers, dropped a function, all of the timer use, and some locally stored function pointers that were no longer being used. For the user, it's a little more efficient and that makes me happy.


* Dynamic Duo has evolved into... Fellowship!
* The addon now supports full five-person parties.
* There's now a toggle for the auto-sync feature.
* New database format, so you'll have to set things up again. Sorry.


* Skipped some unnecessary function calls to speed things up a bit.
* Cleaned out some detritus.


* Nowhere in the documentation I found or the addons I checked did it indicate that ADDON_LOADED now only dispatches to the relevant addon, which makes the addon name check completely pointless. I tested this to make sure it's the case. So, unnecessary check removed because it bothers me.


* Some small code changes, and made sure all ENV calls were properly localised.


* I've been doing a lot more testing with /etrace, hooks, and various methods nad this was the best solution I could arrive at. In all tests, it'll always properly group at login, reload, and when your partner or you comes online. Which was the goal. Bugs notwithstanding, this is pretty much done.


* I learned about /etrace, and after having my very patient partner sit around for a while while I poked various events with tests over and over, I think that the mod is now using better events. So, yes, /etrace is pretty neat.


* I missed changing one instance of the prerelease name, oops.


* Initial release on WoW Interface.
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