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BetterBags - Secrets

Version: 1.08
by: myrroddin [More]

BetterBags - Secrets
Plugin module for the World of Warcraft AddOn BetterBags that sorts items used for secrets into BetterBags virtual groups

World of Warcraft Supported Versions

  • Mainline or retail. Currently, that is Dragonflight

Supported Items
The full list can be viewed online or with any text editor. I suggest Notepad++ which will maintain the readability of Database.lua when opening the file directly from the AddOn folder.

You can contribute localizations of the plugin using Curseforge's online project localization tool. Help yourself and other users to enjoy a better experience using the plugin. The phrases and words will get updated as more secrets are added to the plugin and the game.

Known Issues
If you play a Horde character and installed BettterBags_Secrets versions 1.00 1.04 and then upgraded BetterBags_Secrets to 1.05 or later, there is something in the main BetterBags settings file that will not migrate correctly. You will need to exit WoW and browse your computer to
\World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\account\Your Account Name\SavedVariables\
and delete BetterBags.lua. This will reset BetterBags back to its default settings. There is nothing I can do about this because BetterBags saves group names in its settings file rather than creating group names as needed.

This issue does not affect Alliance characters, and it has been resolved in BetterBags_Secrets 1.05 or later, but Horde players MUST delete the Lua file mentioned above for the fix to work. DO NOT delete this file more than once!

Bugs, Issues, and Improvements
Please use GitHub's issue tracker for the project. Thank you!

BetterBags - Secrets
1.08 (2024-03-20)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Bump ToC for patch 10.2.6
  • Update to include Known Issues
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