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Version: 2.4.6
by: Kodo [More]

myWinMPQ - ShadowFlare's WinMPQ Modification.

Note : myWinMPQ is not a standalone program, it is just a WinMPQ modification. WinMPQ is created by ShadowFlare.

My try to make WinMPQ a bit better. Hope you'll enjoy it
You can download update from 2.4.x from patches.

Changes in 2.4.6:

+Added Find in MPQ feature
*Fixed dialogs

Changes from original WinMPQ:

*Improved interface (progressbar added, icons on toolbar and more)
*Added feature fixing incorrect toolbar position in Windows XP
*Fixed bug when opening big mpq files (overflow message)
*Fixed "File associations" - now it works on any system
*Fixed bug with filter box
*Improved performance
+Recompiled in VB6 (Runtime included)
+Added XP Visual styles
+Added Check For Update & Feedback
+Added Quick View
+Added Last Opened list near Open button on toolbar
+Added Quick Open feature (Alt+DblClick)

See whatsnew.txt for full changelog.

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