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Version: 4.1
by: Paradise [More]


Elysium is an addon suite designed for users who like their UI to be very simplistic and minimal, it is designed to be a base that users can build up upon to make their UI perfect, it does not have any addons that double over in functions or a multitude of useless class specific addons. Each addon aims to bring a essential function to your UI and make your life easier while playing WoW.

Much thanks to all the talented authors who publish all of these well maintained and designed addons.

Elysium offers the following over the default Blizzard UI:

  1. Turn addons on and off while playing the game.
  2. Align your UI to the pixels, so you always get it perfect.
  3. Arrange auction searches by special filters.
  4. Revamped highly customizable bars.
  5. Click casting.
  6. View what an item looks like in its tool tip.
  7. Manage your gear and change through sets with the click of a button.
  8. View a mob or enemy player's health.
  9. View all your bags as one, view your bank from anywhere, and even your other characters bank and/or bags.
  10. Revamped and highly customizable unit bars.
  11. Revamped player text.
  12. Easier to read combat log.
  13. Customizable mini map.
  14. Track damage of you and your party.
  15. Move your tooltip anywhere.
  16. Customizable loot frame.
  17. Easily compare gear.

Current Addon List:
Addon Control Panel
Clique <Disabled by Default>
Grid <Disabled by Default>
Omen <Disabled by Default>
Recount <Disabled by Default>

This compilation is just meant to be a starting point for users who are not sure of which addons they need. Please use WAU or other methods to keep your addons up-to-date. This package will only be updated once or twice a major patch.

Change Log: 3.0 to 3.1
* Updated all add ons to their latest versions.
* Removed Tinytip, replaced it with Cowtip.
* Removed SWStats, replaced it with Violation.

Change Log: 3.1 to 3.2
* Updated all addons for a quick refresh, last addon update before 2.4, please use WAU to update your addons! Just use this package as a base to get you started.

Change Log: 3.2 to 3.3
* Updated all addons to 2.4 compliant versions, updated TOC's as well.
* Replaced Scrolling Combat Text with MSBT
* Removed SimpleCombatLog

Change Log: 3.3 to 3.31
* Removed some unnecessary ZIP files in the package.

Change Log: 3.31 to 3.32
* Removed XLoot, it is no longer necessary.
* Added Auctionator, a light weight addon that makes creating multiple auctions easy.
* Updated all addons.

Change Log: 3.32 to 4.0
* Updated all addons for WoTLK.

* Dr.Damage (Until it works again).
* MobHealth (No longer needed).
* Violation (Replaced with Recount).
* OneBag (Replaced with Bagnon).
* Bartender (Replaced with Dominoes).
* ClassTimer (Waiting for 3.0 bugs to be squashed out).
* SimpleMinimap (Replaced with Chinchilla).

* Recount
* Omen
* Dominoes
* Bagnon
* Minimalist
* Chinchilla

Change Log: 4.0 to 4.1
* Updated all addons to 3.1 complaint versions.
* Fixed folder structure
* Replaced CowTip with TipTac
* Actually added Omen this time :P
* Added StableBoy (Random Mounting)
* Added RatingBuster (Advanced Equipment Comparing)
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Nice to see you're still around. I remember using your UI back in the days of patch 1.11. Cheers!
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