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FuBar - PetInFu  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.0.25612
by: Kemayo [More]

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You have a pet? You want to see its info in FuBar? Then this is the addon for you!

Seriously, it is. Download it now, or you might just wipe a raid. A player in Milwaukee failed to download this addon, and logged in the next day to find his purples sharded.

(This is basically a rewrite of the long defunct FuBar - PetInfo. Treat it kindly.)


2.0.25612 - Update toc to 20003.

2.0.19766 - Initial release.

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Warlock Pet Names

While I understand this addon is aimed at a hunter, it is still useful for a warlock. As such, just wanted to point out a bug. If you summon a felguard, the felguard's name isn't displayed as the text portion of the plugin. It just displays "unknown" 60. Understand that this is purely a low priority request, outside of this I have found no other errors. Thanks for the mod.
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