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File: Classic Healing Assignments11-15-19
Hi, Thanks for trying out the ad...
Posted By: Mimma
Hi, Thanks for trying out the addon. It looks like you were trying to use a non-existent template, but how you did it is a puzzle. I am unable to reproduce the errors you got, so I have not added a fix :confused: If you still get errors in the 0.2.0 release, please post the error details (like you did before - it's great!), an...
File: Thaliz - One-button resurrection11-12-19
Re: thaliz button
Posted By: Mimma
how can i hide this button and bake its function into a macro that i can then hide again on a hidden bar? not so complicated, just seems like it .. ;) You cannot hide the button (maybe I should include functionality for that?), but you can use it in a macro with "/click RezButton".