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File: TinyInspect-8.0-BFA10-04-18
Re: Re: Re: why cant we update from twitch?
Posted By: mazness
I couldn't log in to twich after the account was merged. (a wrong email address was passed... so i can't find my new password.) I also love your addons, thank you for creating them! Do you have a Twitter account? Just reach out to @Twitch through a Direct Message or a single tweet and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to hel...
File: TinyInspect-8.0-BFA09-24-18
why cant we update from twitch?
Posted By: mazness
why cant we update from twitch? i love this addon, but i'm not going to be checking and installing manually when all the others go automatically at twich... cant u fix that? because i really miss this addon.
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)09-03-17
LUA options fail
Posted By: mazness
i dont know why, but i just fresh installed this UI, and when i open LUA options there's something wrong. I can't use dropdown menus as well as changing from one tab to another... i just can change from the left list menu, but when i press dropdowns and tabs it does nothing at all :(