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File: Balance Power Tracker02-05-13
No way to inverse the bar the other...
Posted By: Htaedeht
No way to inverse the bar the other side ?
File: Kill Assist (Nameplate Assist, shows who your assist is targeting)01-25-13
Re: 5.1 update perhaps?
Posted By: Htaedeht
Hi, any chance we'll see a fix for this addon? It's no longer working with 5.1 as the nameplate references have changed. If this project is abandoned, I'd be willing to take it over and see if I can get it working again :) Just wondering...thanks :) Go ahead buddy! Update it if you can. I realy need this addon.
File: CoolStealth12-25-11
Posted By: Htaedeht
I made this addon to be able to hear song like "Mission Impossible" and "Jaws" while stealthing. Its possible to add more song. You just have to figure it out by yourself or make suggestion of song you would like me to add in it and maybe i'll do it if i like your ideas in the next updated version. I may improve the addon fo...