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File: TourGuide - The Lunar Festival01-25-09
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There are no waypoints for the Tanaris Elders.
File: FuBar - ToFu06-30-06
Why doesn't it display the flight-t...
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Why doesn't it display the flight-time from the Druid-flightmasters in Moonglade? Might it be that you do not start the flight in a normal way?
File: Soundtrack05-29-06
just music?
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ok, this is awesome! but what if I just want it to play music? without switching every few minutes? how do I do that?
File: AutoBuff [Emerald]05-22-06
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tooltip.lua:17: attempt to index global `this' (a nil value) Same as previuos poster, really annoying, I don't have full KCI, just the Enhanced Trades part, Still, it's an AB error since it happens when AB tries to buff. Great Addon!
File: Periodic Table05-07-06
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Yeah, if ABP was useable with periodic instead of RD, I'd switch in a heartbeat.. Can't live without ABP. Edit. or better yet, make an ABPish addon that uses ace. Unedit.