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File: Express Mail12-14-06
Mouse over opens messages
Posted By: Velephys
When looking at my mailbox, mails are marked read when the mouse go over them. This makes them stay for 3 days instead of 30. I add to open messages I wanted to keep in my inbox for a while, just because the addon opened them without asking for it.
File: PerfectRaid10-20-06
Re: Is it possible to use this as party frames?
Posted By: Velephys
Originally posted by Krishnak I'd like to use this very nice addon when in a simple 5-people-party. Is it possible or does WoW not send the necessary events for that? Would be a very nice feature. I'd love that too. Just add an option like "also shown when in group" and you'll make a bunch of happy players :) btw, thanks for...