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File: VenturePlanFixes07-10-22
Re: Re: Re: VenturePlan 4.22 and greater
Posted By: Divergentcurl
Wow, VenturePlan has actually been updated from 4.16a and it looks like a massive update to the code. So I don't think this addon will work for 4.22, nor do I expect you will need it. But I havent tried it out yet.
File: Achievementizer06-14-22
Re: Achievement not found spam
Posted By: Divergentcurl
Thanks for trying out my addon and giving your feedback! I have been able to reproduce your issues and this allowed me to find and fix not 1 but 2 bugs. Could you try out the newest release? All the problems you have mentioned should be fixed now. I just installed this today, and on the first toon I logged into (L52 Dwarf Rogue, s...
File: VenturePlanFixes06-14-22
Re: Just to clarify
Posted By: Divergentcurl
Yes, you don't have to use Github anymore. You can install or update this like any other addon. So this should *replace* the files that we've been downloading from github - VenturePlanSoDMissions, correct? As in, take that file out of the Addons folder? -Barleduq