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File: Altz UI for BFA05-16-18
i need some help with this.
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hello, ive been using ElvUI for quite some time but alot of people swear by AltzUI so i decided to look it up. i decided to download it because what i read on the front page appealed to me, its supposed to be minimalistic, got a nice feel to it and seems to show alot of important things you need while raiding and/or pvping while s...
File: Atlas World Map12-13-17
Posted By: Fizzlebang
the best looking world maps out there and it seems abandoned? please say you are working or have been working on something simular? :D
File: Aurora09-15-17
is this gonna be updated?
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so i have posted last week about bartender and tooltip skins not working. and some1 else posted this aswell, we didnt get any replies so im starting to wonder if this is still being updated? else im gonna delete Aurora because its breaking my game tremendously
File: Aurora09-13-17
Bartender and tooltip
Posted By: Fizzlebang
so as mentioned before by some1 else, the bartender micro menu isnt working correctly with aurora. and deleting these skins from the folder doesnt work. and i have my own tooltip skin i use, and turning off the aurora tooltip skin doesnt turn it off at all. please help