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File: SUI08-28-18
Hey guys, atm i work on SUI 7.0...
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Hey guys, atm i work on SUI 7.0 -new config structure (this will help me in future updates) -new configgui design with much less code (this will help me in future updates) -new function draganddrop for castbars playerframes etc -new function color picker for alle frames of the ui this update will take time because i need to...
File: SUI04-22-18
Re: macro text
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Is there any way to add the macro text back to the action bars?? Go to SUI/inc/config.lua and on cfg.macroname set show to true.
File: SUI04-13-18
Re: Re: Shorter Action Bars for SUI
Posted By: rom123
Kind of a long shot here but I have a question if this would be possible.  I'd like an option to keep the default Blizzard UI but remove the crossed over parts (in attached image) and just have the part of the action bars that the arrow is pointing to (in attached image), creating a shorter UI basically. With BFA coming out the bars...