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File: LUI v303-10-17
Errors all over in 7.0.1
Posted By: SinusPi
With the 7.0.1 patch, there are now errors all over in LUI: http://puu.sh/uCZy5/3add6cd9f2.jpg
File: nUI : InfoPanel [Zygor]07-03-13
Some ideas to make it work better:...
Posted By: SinusPi
Some ideas to make it work better: - pin ZygorGuidesViewerFrameMaster, not ZygorGuidesViewerFrame - watch out for upside-down mode and border-hiding Useful lines should be... local Z_Frame = ZygorGuidesViewerFrameMaster; ... and ... Z_Frame:SetPoint( "TOPLEFT", plugin.container, "TOPLEFT", 0, 0 ); local mode =...
File: LightHeaded12-12-10
To be entirely correct - no site ca...
Posted By: SinusPi
To be entirely correct - no site can legally "own" any user-made comments. Authorship itself is not transferrable, at least in no modern law system. Authorship rights (aka. copyright) are what can be transferred, licensed or whatever. (Not that it matters. /target nit, /pick. ;P)
File: LightHeaded12-09-10
Your tone confuses me quite a bit....
Posted By: SinusPi
Your tone confuses me quite a bit. Is it not being civil if they decide to not give you what you're asked for? I did not intend to come out as rude or anything. It's just that there is a difference between not sharing but explaining one's motives in a brief yet convincing manner, and not sharing "because no". I read your response to...
File: LightHeaded12-09-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New Zone Quests
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Regardless, if you contact them, please refrain from using LightHeaded as evidence to support what you're asking for. Better not to rock the boat.Rest assured, I did not do that :) I merely asked for either a raw access (being hopeful here) or asked if there is/can be some API returning results in CSV/XML format instead of full HTML...
File: LightHeaded12-09-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: New Zone Quests
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You can always ask, but I was not successful in that avenue, and I'm REALLY good about attribution.That's odd. I'd think if they're fine with you parsing the site (taking up more bandwidth and more effort in general, compared to a raw data dump) they'd be even more fine with a dump, as far as ownerships and attributions are concerned...
File: LightHeaded12-08-10
Re: Re: New Zone Quests
Posted By: SinusPi
I parse it, I don't have a dump. No, I will not make my dump available, as I do not have the right to redistribute someone else's material. Fair enough. I'm assuming you have, obviously, tried to obtain some raw data (SQL or XML or something) from the Wowhead people, but for their own reasons they did not feel generous, and that ave...
File: LightHeaded12-06-10
Wowhead data
Posted By: SinusPi
Seeing as you're using Wowhead data for the addon, I was wondering how you went about it? Do you have a raw data dump from the Wowhead folks? (and in that case: who do I need to screw to get some other data dumps for my addon; namely, NPCs and monsters?) Or, do you parse the website data? (and in that case: do you have a full dump av...
File: BLPConverter06-13-10
Other compression methods? JPEG?
Posted By: SinusPi
Another BLP converter, "BLP Lab", has the option to compress BLPs using some sort of hybrid JPEG-like compression, giving a proper 1-100 quality setting, and thus capable of achieving really small file sizes. The "only" problem with it is that it only produces BLP1 files, while WoW supports only BLP2. So, do you think there is a way...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!02-16-10
Re: Re: WorldMapFrame
Posted By: SinusPi
Originally posted by Kitjan Eep! Me neither! "WorldMap" doesn't appear anywhere in NeedToKnow. I have no idea how that got credited to NeedToKnow. Looks like it's time for me to learn about taint logs. Let me know if you figure out a way to trigger this reproduceably. The same happens to my addon, and though it does reference W...
File: TomTom11-24-08
I wonder how I could miss the fact...
Posted By: SinusPi
I wonder how I could miss the fact that AddZWaypoint returns the waypoint's uid... Thank you. I shall ensure our users no longer trouble you about disappearing waypoints.
File: TomTom11-23-08
WolfieCA, this is Sinus from Zygor'...
Posted By: SinusPi
WolfieCA, this is Sinus from Zygor's coding team. I'm not sure your problem can be solved - Zygor's Guides need to change their waypoint whenever you complete the guide steps. I don't know (yet?) if there is a way to change+remove one waypoint without touching any others. I'll definitely investigate, especially if Cladhaire would be...
File: TomTom11-19-08
Any idea when you could have the DK areas covered, too?
Posted By: SinusPi
Just in case you don't know, QuestHelper uses a modified Astrolabe that supports this "virtual continent" the Scarlet Enclave resides on. If that's not proprietary, could be useful.