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File: Auctionator ClassicFix10-07-19
Underbid vendor .. Why?
Posted By: Livanamako
A way to earn money doing nothing .. look for all the times auctionator underbids, if they are less than what you get from vendor, buy&sell, buy on AH to sell to vendor .. could you put that into addon. Sigh .. stop underbidding in addon in these cases, please, esp if ppl try to set it up not to underbid at all, it will be missused....
File: RatingBuster11-21-14
Anybody out there ?
Posted By: Livanamako
As the other two said .. Would love to see this Addon in WoD. My question is: Is there any similar mods ? (Well if you found it you might not see this message ... sniff).
File: Fizzwidget Linkerator07-08-10
Hirsute posted a patchfile as code,...
Posted By: Livanamako
Hirsute posted a patchfile as code, that much is clear, however he didn't tell what program he used for making the diff nor did it specify the format. It does look like the unified format and a normal gnu patch should do.