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File: RatingBuster03-27-15
Re: No Success with RatingBuster Still
Posted By: Amidys
i have tried using newer libraries and unfortunately RatingBuster is dead as far as i can tell. does anybody know of an addon that simply displays the item level of ALL items in-game - so not talking about gear ilevels - just the item level blizzard has designated every item they put in game? RatingBuster had an option to do th...
File: Cloudy Tweaks12-14-14
Love this addon! It combined a lot...
Posted By: Amidys
Love this addon! It combined a lot of other addons I had so I was able to delete them, plus added a few extra helpful features. I'm really enjoying it. Is there any way you could add an option to choose between guild and personal funds as repair priority, though? If not, I'll probably have to just download a second addon and disab...
File: LUI v305-04-13
Re: Re: Bartender?
Posted By: Amidys
I'm having an issue where Bar 10 is disappearing. Yep, this should be the solution (at least it was for me). Do the following: - /bt - select "Bar 10" on the left - make sure you're on the "General" tab on the right - change the "Alpha" slider to 100%. It'll still disappear when you close the slider, but since I did the abov...
File: LUI v305-04-13
Posted By: Amidys
Hope I'm posting in the right place, the Bar4 comments said to post problems in the UI pack forums, so that's what I'm doing! I'm having an issue where Bar 10 is disappearing. If I change the position of the bar in the Bar4 settings by + or - 1, the bar reappears good as new, but if I zone, log or reloadui, the bar disappears aga...
File: LUI v309-29-12
Is there no rested indicator in thi...
Posted By: Amidys
Is there no rested indicator in this UI? There have been a few things I just couldn't find and had to google, but this has been hard to google so I figured I'd ask here. :) ETA: Nevermind, I figured it out!
File: Bartender409-26-12
Alternatively, try ActionBarSaver....
Posted By: Amidys
Alternatively, try ActionBarSaver. That'd be much more straightforward solution to your issues. Oh, nice! I hadn't heard of that, it looks to be just what I need. :) Thanks! I think I did fix what the problem was with bars 7-10. It was an issue with LUI overwriting settings.
File: Bartender409-25-12
I'm sure I'm just overlooking somet...
Posted By: Amidys
I'm sure I'm just overlooking something, but I'm having trouble getting bars 7-10 to show. Are they only for classes like druids/rogues/spriests that need state shifts? What I'm trying to do is make it so I can use bar 7 instead of bar 1 when I'm in my ret spec. I'm usually prot/holy but I'm doing ret/holy for leveling to 90 and I...