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File: WeightsWatcher11-02-14
Re: Version 1.7 Released
Posted By: Lucithaya
TY TY TY TY TY This version supports the pre-expansion patch (including the stat changes), and you won't have to load out of date addons to use it any more. See the changelog for more details. As always, feedback is welcomed. Post it here, send me a PM, or e-mail [email protected]
File: WeightsWatcher10-30-14
Love this add-on
Posted By: Lucithaya
Any chance we will see an updated version?
File: Megaphone04-03-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Issues?
Posted By: Lucithaya
WOOT! Can't wait! :D
File: Megaphone04-01-10
Re: Re: Issues?
Posted By: Lucithaya
Originally posted by yamantaka Can you describe the issues? I'll try to get a fix out asap. It is not loading at all and the slash commands are not working.
File: Megaphone03-30-10
Posted By: Lucithaya
Is anyone else having issues with this addon? It seem to have started today and I even reinstalled it :confused: I really like it too :banana: