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File: DockingStation (Display)09-14-18
Hide when Full Screen Map
Posted By: JCinDE
My Docking Station bars are showing when the full screen map is open. How can I prevent that?
File: DockingStation (Display)11-30-12
Any chance you could add a vertical...
Posted By: JCinDE
Any chance you could add a vertical bar feature? What I envision is plugin icons stacking vertically on the bar and labels sticking off to the left or right. Perhaps an option to only show label/text when the mouse is over the icon. Tooltips would anchor to the edge of the label/text. I'm pretty sure you'd be the only one. :D
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?08-31-12
Just updated. Love the new features...
Posted By: JCinDE
Just updated. Love the new features. Still a great, simple addon!
File: Align07-09-12
Suggestion: Whiteout
Posted By: JCinDE
/align white This would provide a white background behind the grid making it much easier to see the grid and UI element edges on busy or dark backgrounds. Basically white-out the world frame so you don't have to look around Orgrimmar or Stormwind for a patch of bright colors to stare at while you fiddle with your UI.
File: Broker_Volumetric06-12-12
Posted By: JCinDE
Bind a left click of the LDB icon to toggle master volume mute. If/when you get around to adding an options UI you can make that user selectable. Options such as: Toggle Mute Toggle 50% volume Toggle 25% volume Reduce Master Volume by 10% with each click and return to the original setting when clicked at 0%.
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?05-23-11
Great addon! Does just what it need...
Posted By: JCinDE
Great addon! Does just what it needs to. One suggestion: Option to auto-hide when entering instance and related option to restore when leaving. I queue for randoms while questing quite often. The quest tracker is useful when questing obviously, but just clutters the screen in dungeons.
File: OPie01-21-09
Linked Rings?
Posted By: JCinDE
Is there a way to add a ring item to a custom ring such that when I click it, it just opens another ring? This way I could create a sort of hierarchical ring menu. Middle-mouse to bring up the ring. Then click Tradeskills or Quest Items or Utility or what have you and then choose an item from that ring. Ideally, the top level rin...
File: EkRaidAttendance01-23-08
Main names
Posted By: JCinDE
The mod is great. One suggestion is an option to verify "main" names against the guild roster. The public note on my main says "Tree of Life" and the mod interprets that as "Tree" being my main name.
File: ag_UnitFrames08-01-07
Buff Timers
Posted By: JCinDE
Recently, blizzard added "clock wipe" style timers on buffs on the target frame. Any chance of getting support for that in aguf? It's really the only thing I miss when using this mod.
File: Class Channels07-27-07
I recommend checking out Private Ch...
Posted By: JCinDE
I recommend checking out Private Chat. It does mostly the same thing, and it uses the Ace libraries, which is a plus. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6238-PrivateChat.html
File: Class Channels01-04-07
Sorry for the slow update! Let m...
Posted By: JCinDE
Sorry for the slow update! Let me know if you run into any issues.