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File: Broker_Everything Classic09-02-19
Re: DockingStation is empty
Posted By: kazso
Hello, Versions used : DockingStation 0.5.17 Broker Everything Classic 1.1 DockingStation doesn't show anything in the bar I set. I don't find any clue in the settings. I suppose Broker Everything is working, as I see icons on the minimap. I don't have any error message. First you need to enable modules in Broker_Everything...
File: DockingStation (Display)09-30-18
Is it possible to hide the bars dur...
Posted By: kazso
Is it possible to hide the bars during pet battles?
File: Dominos04-20-09
ActionButtonColors > RedRange
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by Namtar My problem (as described below) seems to have solved itself. Might have been caused by RedRange... I still can't find an update for this one :confused: You can try ActionButtonColors instead of RedRange. It's the same as RedRange with the additional feature of coloring the spells you can't use (not eno...
File: AuldLangSyne01-19-09
Posted By: kazso
I'm still using this addon on WoW 3.0.3 without any problems. Since the latest version can't be downloaded anymore from wowace svn (or from anywhere else either), i uploaded the latest version to my web storage: http://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/kazso/Addons/AuldLangSyne-80819.zip The changelog for this version: r80...
File: Dominos10-23-08
Zombie Possess Bar
Posted By: kazso
My pet bar is my possess bar. However it doesn't seem to work when i turn into a zombie (the pet bar won't show at all). I see the zombie controls only when i set the Action Bar 1-10 as my possess bar. To test it you can go to Booty Bay, check the green poison boxes and wait 10 minutes to turn into a zombie :)
File: LightHeaded10-20-08
Re: Re: Fubar_QuestsFu + Lightheaded = Error
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by forty2j Are you 100% sure you're up to date? That looks amazingly like the errors other addons starting spitting out after the 2.4 patch, when LH switched from quest names to quest IDs. I guess you are right. Just checked FuBar_QuestsFu's .toc and it's still 20400, so not really WotLK compatible yet. It seems...
File: BugSack10-20-08
Originally posted by Potter No re...
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by Potter No response from an author since 2007..odd this says "Updated for WoTLK" but it doesn't work properly..& doesn't appear to be actively supported. Bugsack is actively supported on WoWAce (http://www.wowace.com/projects/bugsack, http://www.wowace.com/projects/bug-grabber). The icon missing from FuBar see...
File: LightHeaded10-20-08
Fubar_QuestsFu + Lightheaded = Error
Posted By: kazso
I'm using Fubar_QuestsFu and when i open a quest, i get this error: : LightHeaded-248\LightHeaded.lua:117: attempt to compare number with string Fubar_QuestsFu isn't using the standard in-game quest window by default. It has it's own unique quest window. The only way to "fix" this issue is to simply disable the "Quest details"...
File: SilverDragon10-18-08
Similar addon?
Posted By: kazso
Could someone recommend a similar addon? Because it seems that Silverdragon isn't updated anymore and isn't working with WotLK :(
File: BugSack10-16-08
Posted By: kazso
You can use the command /buggrabber in-game to show how many errors you have (for example 1-11 means you have 11 errors) and add a number after /buggrabber to show the error in the chat frame (for example /buggrabber 2). If /buggrabber fails, then it means you have no errors :cool: Edit: most recent versions of BugSack and BugGrab...
File: Chinchilla Minimap10-01-08
WotLK version
Posted By: kazso
The last revision of Chinchilla (r80034) works with PTR and WotLK too. It's still up on WoWAce: http://files.wowace.com/Chinchilla/Chinchilla-r80034.zip
File: Clique08-11-08
Error in WotLK
Posted By: kazso
In WotLK beta when i try to scroll in Clique (for example scrolling in Clique Frame Editor) i get this error: : Interface\FrameXML\UIPanelTemplates.lua:230: attempt to index local 'self' (a number value): Clique-100\CliqueOptions.lua:429: in function : in function `SetVe...
File: Chatter07-31-08
Re: Re: Disables right click
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by mizrolist It seems so... Maybe the latest version is not the same here and in WoWAce branches... I tried both versions on live beta, but none of them working. The version on WoWAce giving me errors all the time, so it's useless. The version on WoWI gives errors only when i try to open the config window.
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames07-16-08
Re: Re: No health display, only percentage
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by Global Give 2.20 a try and let me know if that fixes it please. Skipped 2.20, but it works with 2.21 :)
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames07-10-08
No health display, only percentage
Posted By: kazso
I'm using MobInfo2 to display mob healths in the target frame. With Perl 2.18 it worked fine, but with 2.19 i see only percentages, no matter what i set in Perl or in MobInfo2. I'm going back to 2.18, because i want to see healths and percentages, not just percentages.
File: Bongos305-26-08
Originally posted by yatahaze All...
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by yatahaze All my action bars are dead in this latest version. #1 action bar is 1x1 and no icons, the others aren't on the screen. Got the same problem. Now i'm using version 1.1 again until 1.2 gets fixed.
File: Recipe Radar04-08-08
Thorium Widget, Thorium Grenade
Posted By: kazso
The engineering schematics Thorium Widget and Thorium Grenade aren't sold by Gearcutter Cogspinner (in Ironforge) anymore. You can learn those from the master engineer trainer in Gadgetzan.
File: Bongos303-30-08
Originally posted by seebs Is it...
Posted By: kazso
Originally posted by seebs Is it intentional that none of my Bongos2 bars survive the upgrade? Yes :(
File: Bongos303-29-08
I have some serious problems with t...
Posted By: kazso
I have some serious problems with the pet bar in Bongos3 (using Beta6 now). The pet bar shows the buttons only, when i use my own pet (for example shadowfiend for priest, water elemental for mage), but when i use an ability or device to control someone/something (for example mind control, steam tonk controller), the pet bar stays em...
File: ItemRack12-16-06
Posted By: kazso
I get the same errors, as Terak.
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu12-09-06
Posted By: kazso
In 2.2.1 replace Libs\AceLocale-2.1\AceLocale-2.2.lua with Libs\AceLocale-2.2\AceLocale-2.2.lua
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu12-08-06
To fix it, do the following: - C...
Posted By: kazso
To fix it, do the following: - Copy AceHook-2.1 into the Libs folder of SkillsPlusFu (Ace2 libs) - Edit FuBar_SkillsPlusFu.toc, add this line: Libs\AceHook-2.1\AceHook-2.1.lua and correct the path of other libs. After that the toc file should look like this: ## Interface: 20000 ## Title: FuBar - |cffffffffSkillsPlus|r|cff00...