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File: Button Forge12-05-11
Re: Re: Question
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Thanks, Unfortunately I suspect it can't be easily done with Button Forge currently. I'm planning a new version sometime this week since v4.3 is out; I'll see about adding a name for the bar frames in the release, it shouldn't be too much trouble. I'll provide more details of how the naming works in a post here once it is in...
File: Button Forge12-04-11
Posted By: Warschild
Hey Alternator, this addon is amazing but I'm having a bit of trouble and I'm not even sure if you can answer this... Basically, I'm using kgpanels to create buttons to show/hide different UI elements and I am having some trouble getting it to work with Button Forge. Most AddOns have a frame that I can just set to hide/show but...
File: Oversight11-29-10
Originally posted by nobgul I wil...
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Originally posted by nobgul I will be working on this addon in the next few weeks to see where it stands. How much needs to be updated and how out of date the spell lists and such are. I will post any updates here. If I do decide to take over devlopment I will upload it as a fan update to track the progress. Omg yes, plzzzzzzzz...
File: ProKeybinds11-26-10
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These may sound strange, but this is a "down-the-road" idea for you... Make it graphically resemble the layout of a keyboard and mouse. Depending on which modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) are being held down could change the spells/skills being displayed on the keyboard. That would make binding keys so nice and easy :) (if you...
File: GraphPaper03-01-10
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First off, love this addon. One addition I would suggest is an option to show/hide a blank texture that covers the entire screen and is at the lowest frame level possible. I use KGPanels for this and set the texture to white which contrasts with the black Graphpaper lines and makes it much easier to spot small mistakes. It can be...
File: Capping02-17-10
Originally posted by totalpackage...
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Originally posted by totalpackage It has been done/attempted before. Due to server lag between resurrections, the timer is inconsistent and rarely reliable. Ah oh well... maybe for the better. I could see Blizz putting a frowny face on it. Anyway, nice addon.l
File: Capping02-16-10
I have an idea that I have never se...
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I have an idea that I have never seen in a BG addon but I believe it would be really awesome and useful to have. I would love for this to track the resurrection timers (for both your team and the enemy). I imagine this could be done by triggering a timer after a flag caps or perhaps by detecting the buffs players receive after be...
File: kgPanels02-04-10
Smooth movement script?
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Looking for help, but I warn you... not for the feint of heart! Let's say I have a frame that I want to move depending on whether I'm in Orgrimmar or not. I know how to make the frame just jump right to the new location... but what I'm looking for is a way to make it kinda glide over. A smooth transition from one position to the...
File: Chaos Frame Modifier09-15-09
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Hey Chaos. I'm sad to hear you are quitting (but completely understand... mostly the balance part -_-). So, if I understand you correctly from your post below... if we just do a /reload after altering stuff it should work (most of the time)? Also, it is sad to here this addon probably won't be developed too much further but I know...
File: Chaos Frame Modifier09-08-09
One more thing...
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Oh, also... I know you are working on Chaos Art. How is that coming along? Where can I get a copy? I imagine you're going with a similar design that makes it a lot more light-weight? *gay voice* Detaaailz!
File: Chaos Frame Modifier09-08-09
Feature Request
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Hey Chaos, fellow old-school discorder here! First off, this addon is a life-saver. FINALLY YAY! I like that you cut off a lot of fat from DFM but one thing I do miss is the option to disable mouse clicks on frames. Any possibility of adding this feature at some point? Thanks and thanks again.
File: Ghost: Pulse 308-27-09
A few kinks to get worked out... bu...
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A few kinks to get worked out... but this Addon rocks. A must-have for me from here on out. :D
File: Ghost: Pulse 308-12-09
Re: Re: Some advice
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Originally posted by Footrot As per the main page, yes I am. There's a weirdness with Button Facade and alpha levels in patch 3.2 though, so I'm working on the feature as we speak while trying to figure out why BF doesn't play so well with transparency. I'm afraid fixing this may not be possible. Lets say we want to use a c...
File: hud04-25-09
Suggestion for extra bars
Posted By: Warschild
Suggestion for those little bars: Light up if player (left block) or target (right block) is CCed... polymorph, fear, etc. or... Light up if health is below 20% (left) or when mana is below 20% (right). This would probably be easier to code and make more sense.