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File: NoobTacoUI08-09-22
Re: 2 different debuff locations on unit frames
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On my raid frames, there are two different debuff locations: one in the middle and one in the upper right. I want to get rid of one of them; don't care which one. See below for image. Hello Kaelani I have worked on the debuff icons and hopefully cleaned them up. If you get a chance to test please...
File: Easy Fishing Classic09-06-19
Can you put this on GitHub? Then I...
Posted By: Valimonde
Can you put this on GitHub? Then I can mess with the sound code and share it back to you easily. It's not on GitHub right now, though I might put it there for localization help. I just uploaded v1.2, which adds in-game options for sounds and for enabling auto-loot while fishing (if one normally keeps that turned off). Thanks fo...
File: SmartBuff (Classic)09-01-19
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
Posted By: Valimonde
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
File: SmartBuff Classic fanupdate - Discontinued08-28-19
Veoj, are you MIA brother? We need...
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Veoj, are you MIA brother? We need you? Pally's need some love! Serious love! Thanks!!
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper08-24-19
Any chance for a Classic update?
Posted By: Valimonde This addon is no longer supported. Blizzard has fixed the main purpose of this addon (long awaited!). Hello Cralor. Is there any hope you will be playing Classic and are thinking about updating HH? Thank you!
File: whoa UnitFrames10-31-10
Originally posted by Shirk Until...
Posted By: Valimonde
Originally posted by Shirk Until a fix is released, those who use Clique can open it, click Options, and select Blizzard frame integration. Then uncheck Player frame. You won't be able to click cast on your unitframe, but that shouldn't be an issue if you use raid frames or selfcast. Very nice. Ill give that a try. I really d...
File: whoa UnitFrames10-27-10
Any news on fixing for Clique?
Posted By: Valimonde
Loving your clean and readable frame, but I have to have Clique for healing. Here is my error code when I mouse over the frame with Clique activated. 2x Interface\FrameXML\RestrictedExecution.lua:432: Cannot call restricted closure from insecure code: : ? Interface\FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua:38: in function
File: Chat Consolidate08-08-10
This is probably not what you want...
Posted By: Valimonde
This is probably not what you want to read, especially after the hard work you have done on this mod. BUT Why are we encouraging people to use trade channel for LFG? We have a global LFG channel in place that is better suited for this and frees /trade up for. . ya know. . trade. But that aside, good job on the mod.
File: Broker: XPBar08-01-10
Not Extending
Posted By: Valimonde
For some reason with this and even Xsparky I can not get the mod to extend the length of my screen. I use a 1920x1200 screen res with a windowed game res of 1920x1080 Here is what happens. (Full screen shot) Anyone know what is c...