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File: OneClickEnchantScroll09-05-18
271433 Missing Scroll item for spel...
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271433 Missing Scroll item for spellID It was already added in, are you using the latest version?
File: Shooter10-02-16
The folder name inside the zip of v...
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The folder name inside the zip of v7.0.3 doesn't match the .toc file name, if you don't change the folder name while installing it manually it wont work or show up at all. I was wondering why it didn't work when I installed it via minion, until I realized the aforementíoned problem.
File: OneClickEnchantScroll07-31-16
OneClickEnchantScroll.lua:76: hooks...
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OneClickEnchantScroll.lua:76: hooksecurefunc(): TradeSkillFrame_SetSelection is not a function Just pushed the big Legion update, everything should be fine again :)
File: gBanker05-13-15
Re: Will only move 4 items to Guild Bank now :(
Posted By: SaraFdS
i'm not sure what exactly changed with blizzard, but somehow i can only now move 4 things to my guild bank when i click the give button or use any filter button. Blizz probably messed with how fast you may access the guild bank (again). When they first throttled guild bank access I added a delay between interactions plus an option...
File: gBanker07-13-14
Re: Re: Re: can't seem to get it working
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Thank you so much SaraFdS! Whatever you did worked perfectly for me. It opened immediately at the guild bank where as before I had tried to use the text commands - and I honestly tried both /gb and /gbanker. Thank you *bows* - a fantastic addon!I fixed a probably pretty stupid problem/error, which must have been in there for years,...
File: gBanker07-12-14
Re: can't seem to get it working
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i am looking forward to trying this as it sounds like exactly what i am looking for. unfortunately i haven't been able to get any functionality out of it. i don't see it in the options list of addons in wow, which sometimes is the case, but even trying the keyboard functions such as /gb or does nothing at all. in fact no errors or a...
File: OneClickEnchantScroll10-30-13
Alright. Let me explain a bit ;) A...
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Alright. Let me explain a bit ;) All 3 Addons rely on the original Blizz Tradeskill UI. BTSUI and TT are load on demand, so they will be loaded when Blizz' Tradeskill UI is loaded. OCES has Blizz' Tradeskill UI set as a dependancy, so it will load the Blizz UI beforehand. This means that loading OCES will cause Blizz' code to load...
File: OneClickEnchantScroll10-25-13
no error messages at all. I'm runni...
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no error messages at all. I'm running Bugsack and its set to notify.From the code I can't see any reason why OCES and TradeTabs would interfere. But there might be an issue with BTSUI... maybe OCES breaks something with BTSUI which then kills off TradeTabs? Gonna do a bit of testing, great way to get back into this stuff :)
File: OneClickEnchantScroll10-24-13
I use BiggertradeskillUI and Tradet...
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I use BiggertradeskillUI and Tradetabs. With this mod enabled Tradetabs doesn't show when you first login. A UI reload brings Tradetabs back. Switching characters causes same problem. Issue doesnt occur when this mod is disabled.Any Error Message?
File: Xparky02-16-13
A more current version (1.5) + smal...
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A more current version (1.5) + small fix to make it work with the latest patch (Comment by 0ct0) are available at curse. Sadly it doesn't seem to have been updated here at WoWI.
File: DecUI OneClickEnchantScroll09-03-12
Getting this error at log in. Da...
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Getting this error at log in. Date: 2012-09-01 22:30:15 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...hantScroll_Skin\DecUI_OneClickEnchantScroll_Skin.lua line 10: attempt to call field 'SkinButton' (a nil value) Debug: : SkinButton() ...hantScroll_Skin\DecUI_OneClickEnchantScroll_Skin.lua:10: in main chunk...
File: EquipCompare09-01-12
5.0.4 Fixes
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To get rid of all errors introduced by Ranged/Relic slot removal and other 5.0.4 changes, open EquipCompare.lua and edit the following lines: 184-185: = "MainHandSlot", -- Ranged -- = "RangedSlot", -- Relic 198: = "MainHandSlot", -- Wand 201-205: = "MainHandSlot", -- Gun -- = "AmmoSlot", -- Projectile --...
File: Xparky09-01-12
Outdated? Nah!
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Still works like a charm, just in case anyone stumbling upon this pearl is wondering.
File: DecUI OneClickEnchantScroll07-24-12
I like it, though I don't use Tuk/E...
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I like it, though I don't use Tuk/Elv. Guess why :D
File: OneClickEnchantScroll07-07-12
EDIT: reported it on curseforge and...
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EDIT: reported it on curseforge and the project was deleted, almost instantly. :D (leaving oringial just cuz) I'm sad to report someone has stolen your addon and is claiming it as their own. The only thing they changed was the name of the addon, the name of the button, removed the number of scrolls in bags, and removed your copyri...
File: gBanker01-01-12
Re: request
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would it be possible to include type searches? say pulling all elementals out of the GB at one timeSounds totally possible, I'll see what I can do about it.
File: gBanker09-16-11
Re: Yes!
Posted By: SaraFdS
sometimes i would love to see an Option to blacklist an Item for a special Button - to easily Pick up all my Inks except Blackfallow Ink and/or Inferno Ink...A specific Blacklist for every QuickButton? Sounds useful and not too hard to implement. Challenge Accepted!
File: gBanker09-03-11
Allowing you to choose how many Qui...
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Allowing you to choose how many QuickButtons you want to have should be easy to implement, it'll be in the next version. About a faster way to enter item names / move items: well, I'll try!
File: gBanker07-10-11
Originally posted by Ark del KAOS...
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Originally posted by Ark del KAOS I would be awesome if the addon can remember some favourite sentences (like "glyph" or "ruby") and give me under the take/give/ban buttons a list of that sentences.I like that idea, this'll definitely find its way into the next version. Oh, and I havent forgotten about moving specific amounts, it'...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)04-29-11
Originally posted by blkdrgn613 Da...
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Originally posted by blkdrgn613 Date: 2011-04-26 17:43:51 ID: 4 Error occured in: Global Count: ∞ Message: ..\AddOns\WIM\Modules\W2Wv2.lua line 288: attempt to index field 'Astrolabe' (a nil value) Debug: : ? WIM\Modules\W2Wv2.lua:288: WIM\Modules\W2Wv2.lua:287 WIM\Modules\W2Wv2.lua:310: WIM\Modules\W2W...
File: OneClickEnchantScroll12-14-10
Originally posted by lordkarthas S...
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Originally posted by lordkarthas Sadly, it breaks when I try to embroider my pants, since it's apparently trying to embroider a scroll. Well, obviously, that's not supposed to happen, and never happened to me. Did you get any error message, or did it just fail silently? Did the button say "Scroll" instead of "Embroider"? Anyway, up...
File: InsanityTracker11-06-10
Re: Error?
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Originally posted by Wodanaz On the Junkboxes needed bit, where it has how many needed, I currently need 195. But its showing f3ff001667 / 195 on that one section. I have no idea what the first bit is, but I'm guessing somewhere something is coming up as Hex. It was a different number when I needed more. No idea how that's happening,...
File: gBanker09-06-10
Originally posted by Marthisdil Sa...
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Originally posted by Marthisdil Sara - seems work work well - however, you may wish to remove the case sensitivity :) Found this morning that GB doesn't treat "glyph" the same as "Glyph" Thanks again! Done. Case sensitivity on searches is still available as an option though, for those who want it. I'll do some testing on my end a...
File: gBanker09-05-10
Re: for sending Mail?
Posted By: SaraFdS
Originally posted by catnick Will it work to sending mail to ur other toon's ?It won't. That is totally beyond its scope. But you could check QA's AutoMail feature.
File: gBanker08-30-10
Originally posted by Marthisdil wi...
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Originally posted by Marthisdil will the search string do partial matches? Like, will /gb g Glyph take any glyphs in my bags and put them in the guildbank?It will.And will this work with just the guild bank window or will it work with the regular bank window too? Will be giving it a try when I get home :) While it is only intended...