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File: Ghost: Mount11-09-09
I can't summon Headless Horseman's...
Posted By: cannons
I can't summon Headless Horseman's Mount in land mount area, But when I remove it from fastFlyingMountIDs list,it works in land area Is there something wrong?
File: Bagnon08-04-09
fixed that chinese input problem...
Posted By: cannons
fixed that chinese input problem commet line 69 in Bagnon\components\searchFrame.lua self:UpdateText() thank you for the great addons
File: Bagnon07-31-09
I got input problem when try to sea...
Posted By: cannons
I got input problem when try to search in chinese wow client, can't input chinese words precisely, words will change to"bbabaobaosbaoshbaoshi宝石宝石", when I try to input "宝石" ("baoshi" is chinese input method word) :( Any idea how can I fix this?
File: Overachiever02-03-09
still got errors with 0.35 chinese...
Posted By: cannons
still got errors with 0.35 chinese wow client clean install,just load Overachiever and BugSack got error when login: : Overachiever-0.35\Overachiever.lua:782: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Overachiever-0.35\Overachiever.lua:782: in function ---...
File: EnchantingSeller12-12-08
really can't find a good ah addon :...
Posted By: cannons
really can't find a good ah addon :( can you please add back custom reagent price