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Re: localized debuffs
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Thanks, that was actually added last year, but it seems "Trick or Treated" has been removed as of 2011. :) Originally posted by myrroddin You do not need end users to localize the debuffs; the game will translate for you. Trick or Treated - spellID 24755 Adored - spellID 26680 Mistletoe - spellID 26004
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Yes it will! :) Originally post...
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Yes it will! :) Originally posted by Daveo77 I have the 25 tabard achievement at the moment. Will this get tabard info from server as to which tabards I have already had ?
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Originally posted by antisocialink...
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Originally posted by antisocialink Finding this pretty useful given my horrible memory and multiple toons I have to Trick or Treat with now. Ignore command seems to have an issue with characters with ASCII characters in their names. I have a character with a special capital O (alt - 0214). When TTS prints back in chat that the...