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File: AtlasQuest Classic11-06-19
LBRS-UBRS Compatibility
Posted By: Rudeath007
Hello, first of all thank you for all your effort that has been put into this addon. I absolutely love it, it makes doing dungeon quests so much easier! LBRS/UBRS does not seem to be working. In Atlas Classic, LBRS and UBRS seem to have been merged into one map and as a result no quests are shown (neither LBRS nor UBRS). Have you...
File: StickyFingers Classic09-25-19
Nice addon
Posted By: Rudeath007
Hello, this addon is just what I was looking for! Great execution, minimalistic, no more than one would need. There is a problem however, pickpocketed money only gets tracked if I remain in stealth while the pickpocketed money arrives into my pockets. E.g. pushing the pick pocket button and waiting for the process to finish. When...