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File: PitBull Unit Frames 4.0 Classic09-12-19
Unclamp from screen?
Posted By: bizzy401
Is there a way to unclamp a unit frame from the screen. I am using a bar that I need partially off the screen, I tried using MoveAnything but even that wouldn't let me move it...thanks for any help.
File: Minimap Button Frame09-02-19
I am currently using Spartan UI and...
Posted By: bizzy401
I am currently using Spartan UI and in the addon there is a "hidden drawer" that you can place buttons in. I would like to put Minimap Button Bar in there, but the button bar lays on top of the drawer. The drawer basically works by having an image that changes opacity when hovered over (I think). As you can see the Bartender4 buttons...
File: PortalBox Fan Update08-01-11
Hide mini-map button
Posted By: bizzy401
I don't need the mini-map button and I check the box to hide it, but when I restart the game the button is back and I have to go to the options uncheck the block...then recheck the block to hide it. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks for the update, glad to have this addon back.
File: AngryMode11-08-10
Man, this addon is nearly perfect....
Posted By: bizzy401
Man, this addon is nearly perfect. It would be great if instead of flashing the whole screen if you could get it to ust flash the heroic strike button (or whatever button you chose), but other than that great job!!! Now if I could only find an addon like DrDamage, but instead of expected damage, it printed the amount of threat th...
File: Auto Loot Filter10-09-09
Is this still being updated?
Posted By: bizzy401
I am trying to use this to create a list of things to pick up, but not pick up other things. For example, if I go farm an instance and I only want to pick up cloth, i can add cloth to the list and it will only pick up the cloth and ignore everything else. I think this is the "Whitelist" feature, but I can not seem to0 get it to wor...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker12-22-08
Posted By: bizzy401
I think this addon is amazing, but for some reason I cannot get it to work with Cartographer or TomTom. If I could somehow get it to work with Cartographer, TomTom or Cabonite I would build the rest of my UI around this. This would simplify my post 80 game soooo much. If anyone currently has success with this addon and tomtom, p...