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File: RandomMount-TBC05-26-21
Druid Forms
Posted By: Ish
Will this use a druid travel/cat form if the druid can not mount. For example when in combat, moving, in water, or in an dungeon?
File: Talent Sequence11-14-19
Multiple talents support
Posted By: Ish
Do you think you could add support for multiple talent setups? For example talent setup 1 = leveling talent, setup 2 = pvp 1, talent setup 3 = pvp 2, talent setup 4 = pve. Adding this be useful for respecing between different play styles.
File: VuhDo Classic06-04-19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Spell Ranks
Posted By: Ish
I have tried the following on Left Button, but none have worked. Classic Spell Ranks shows up in my AddOn list. Have an y other ideas? Lesser Heal Rank 1 Lesser Heal 1 Lesser Heal rank 1 Try this syntax "Lesser Heal(Rank 1)". See the comments on the Classic Spell Ranks add-on: https://i.imgur.com/ApoEjiM.png Thanks...
File: VuhDo Classic06-03-19
Re: Re: Spell Ranks
Posted By: Ish
Are you planning on adding support for spell ranks? Please try using this shim addon for now which fixes GetSpellInfo for spell ranks. https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24984-ClassicSpellRanks.html Let me know if that doesn't resolve your issues. I have tried the following on Left Button, but none have worked....
File: SmartBuff Classic fanupdate - Discontinued06-01-19
Missing Buff - Priest Power Word: Fortitude
Posted By: Ish
Power Word: Fortitude https://classicdb.ch/?search=Power+Word%3A+Fortitude#spells:0-2+1 Rank 1 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=1243 Rank 2 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=1244 Rank 3 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=1245 Rank 4 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=2791 Rank 5 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=10937 Rank 6 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=10938...
File: VuhDo Classic05-31-19
Spell Ranks
Posted By: Ish
Are you planning on adding support for spell ranks?
File: Broker_Everything Classic05-29-19
Lua Error for guilds
Posted By: Ish
turned off all addons. If I disable guilds and reload the error goes away. error 1 Message: Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules/guild.lua:37: attempt to call global 'GetGuildFactionInfo' (a nil value) Time: Wed May 29 17:19:32 2019 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules/guild.lua:37: attempt to c...
File: SmartBuff Classic fanupdate - Discontinued05-29-19
Missing Buff - Priest Inner Fire
Posted By: Ish
Inner Fire https://classicdb.ch/?search=inner+fire Rank 1 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=588 Rank 2 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=7128 Rank 3 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=602 Rank 4 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=1006 Rank 5 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=10951 Rank 6 https://classicdb.ch/?spell=10952 thanks for updating this addon.
File: CooldownButtons(Fun Update)10-11-10
Great it is one of my favorite addo...
Posted By: Ish
Great it is one of my favorite addons. Thanks
File: CooldownButtons(Fun Update)10-09-10
Cata update?
Posted By: Ish
Are you going to update this for Cata?
File: Clique12-08-06
Re: Re: custom macros
Posted By: Ish
Originally posted by Cladhaire Its not a bug, and there's nothing I can do about it. I bet you have Blizzards Auto Self Cast on. Have you or anyone else found a replacement for blizzard's self cast. I wasn't effected by this pre-2.0 since I used telo's selfcast, but now I have to suffer with Blizzard's self cast :( . Thanks...