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File: ElvUI11-11-10
I love this UI, but I have one ques...
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I love this UI, but I have one question. I see in the config.lua file a blurb about showing Druid mana when in forms, but I'm completely coding illiterate -- how do I actually make it so I can see my mana while in Bear/Cat?
File: TourGuide05-13-10
Re: Latest beta of TG causes objectives to stop being tracked all the time.
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Originally posted by Wizardling Since I installed the latest beta of TG yesterday my objectives keep being untracked when I move between zones, complete objectives or sometimes just do nothing I can figure would affect it. EDIT: I've reverted to and the problem has gone away. I'm having the same issue. Reverting t...
File: _VirtualPlates12-29-09
Well, I deleted the config-cache.wt...
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Well, I deleted the config-cache.wtf file from my account folder, and it appears to have fixed the problem at the moment. I'll report back if it seems to revert to the "omgwtf" pattern it was displaying in the past couple of days. XD It does appear, though, that if you delete the config-cache.wtf in your character file, that it c...
File: _VirtualPlates12-28-09
Hmm, it appears that after any sort...
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Hmm, it appears that after any sort of logout/reload of the UI when Virtual Plates is installed breaks the camera placement. I've tried this with no addons enabled, and my camera (set to only follow horizontal when moving, or however it's worded) works perfectly. However, if I logout, reload the UI, or do anything that involves a l...
File: oUF Aion UI10-30-09
Did I miss something, or is there a...
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Did I miss something, or is there a way to see my Runes with the current layout? As it stands, I can't. ><
File: Dots08-05-09
Holy crap, this game is freaking Zi...
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Holy crap, this game is freaking Zipper! <3 (In case that means nothing to you, there was a game on the Atari/Commodore 64/Coleco that was called Zipper that...well, pretty much plays like your addon.)
File: MountRandomMount06-17-09
Thank you for this addon. This is...
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Thank you for this addon. This is exactly the kind I wanted--a simple, easy to use mount addon that lets me choose what mounts I do/don't want to use. :)
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)04-28-09
Is it supposed to be impossible to...
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Is it supposed to be impossible to switch action bars/stances? Usually, I have my first page of bars set up to Mouse Wheel Up, and my second page set to Mouse Wheel Down. However, this does not occur. Likewise, when shifting in Druid forms, I retain the same button layout--however, I still have the exact same keybinds as I did befo...
File: Postal03-14-09
When I use the open all feature, th...
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When I use the open all feature, the mail icon won't disappear until I relog. Any reasons why?
File: CooldownButtons01-28-09
Originally posted by Kvothe That...
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Originally posted by Kvothe That would cerntainly be possible ;) At the beginning of Spell_Cooldowns.lua add the following line (where all the lines start with local just insert this one somewhere) local _, playerclass = UnitClass("player")And replace the duration check with -- Some dirty fixes for deathknight co...
File: Altoholic12-04-08
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I really do enjoy this addon. :) However, is there any way to have the item count in the tooltip option not be applied to my hearthstone? I mean, seriously, I know every one of my toons has it, I don't need to see it. Do I need to edit the .lua, or is there an option in the UI I'm missing?
File: Mapster10-18-08
The odd problem that has prevented...
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The odd problem that has prevented me from being able to use the LK version is that when I press my map keys, nothing shows up. I hear the page-flipping map opening sound, but the map itself is at 0 opacity, and nothing I do alters this. Is this just me? :(