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File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)07-15-15
Problems with Arena Frames
Posted By: Killidan
I'm having real problems turning off the custom UI frames in order to use the default wow unit frames. Is there a way to do this using your UI compilation and if so how?
File: Qulight UI12-31-14
Is there a way to enable blizzard a...
Posted By: Killidan
Is there a way to enable blizzard arena frames while still using Quilight? If so please let me know.
File: oUF_Qulight12-28-14
Default Arena Frames Are Hidden
Posted By: Killidan
I'm having a really tough time getting my default arena frames to show using this addon. Anyone know how to get them to work without disabling Quilight completely?
File: Clique04-17-11
Clique Change Profile Macro
Posted By: Killidan
I have different Clique sets for my resto shaman (PVP & PVE) and its kind of a pain switching the profile sets manually. Yes I already have dual spec and yes I know Clique features an auto profile switch that switches once u change specs, but I regularly play on my resto spec and I need my other spec as enhance. So I need to know i...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-15-10
No Scaling = Lame
Posted By: Killidan
Having to scale each bar then each count inside each icon, then rescale the spacing between each icon and then rescale the timers on said icons is extremely lame and extremely annoying!!! This tedious task just gets worse when you have 5 or more bars like I do. I'm really not sure why you removed such a useful feature from an other...