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Re: Re: NeedToKnow - Hunter's Mark
Posted By: Tass
Originally posted by Kitjan Hmm, maybe a bug with sum stacks? Try removing that and see if it works. (Does hunters mark actually stack? If not, then enabling that option is just having the addon do unnecessary work.) Yes it works but, I can see only my Hunter's Mark cast by self. I just want to see all Hunter's Mark from any...
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NeedToKnow - Hunter's Mark
Posted By: Tass
Hi, I have a little problem with debuffs on this addon. I have no problems before 4.0.1, Now i can's set any debuff unit to monitor by target or player. I don't see Hunter's Mark debuff ("unit to monitor" target and "Sum stack from all casters") I was set any debuffs from boss encounter and didn't se anything. Any1 know how...