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File: QuestClicks Fan Update 1.010-06-12
Hmm, I'm not getting errors, so it'...
Posted By: Koulien
Hmm, I'm not getting errors, so it's a little hard to troubleshoot, but I'm thinking initialization issues. Does it happen every time you start the game or just the once? Does it keep reoccuring in the same session? Does the error stop the addon from running at all? When you installed this addon, was it a clean instal...
File: QuestClicks10-05-12
QuestClicks Update
Posted By: Koulien
Hello! I have created a fan update for Gorebag's indispensable QuestClicks for MOP. It includes the table updates and bfree380's changes from the comments here at wowinterface.com http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21719-1.0.html Thanks! Koulien