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File: gmLm02-08-17
Oh yes excuse. Just I still swing a...
Posted By: Nicolya
Oh yes excuse. Just I still swing alts. Has missed the moment that there is personal Loot further.
File: gmLm02-02-17
Posted By: Nicolya
Hello! Nice addon, thank you!! it is possible to add a roll to information? How many has thrown out everyone.
File: iipui09-20-16
Posted By: Nicolya
Hello! I set up high resolution. And all elements of the interface look very small-sized and not informative. Whether it is possible to change the interface size somehow?
File: Altz UI for BFA09-06-15
DBM Skins
Posted By: Nicolya
Hello! I like your UI!!! Its very amazing! 1. Can you make skins for DBM? Like that http://s.cdn.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw55871.jpg 2. it is possible to change the size of focus without changing the sizes of other frames? Thank you for your work!!
File: SuperVillain UI05-24-15
Posted By: Nicolya
I mean this Raid Markers : http://i.imgur.com/R9PItzJ.jpg
File: SuperVillain UI05-23-15
Raid Markers
Posted By: Nicolya
Hello! How to change the Raid Markers size?
File: SuperVillain UI05-06-15
Hi! Correct please: 1. Right Dock...
Posted By: Nicolya
Hi! Correct please: 1. Right Dock Backdrop (display backdrop behind the right side dock) is always shown at reload/use button "Craft-O-Matic" or create brightness control of a background. 2. Stance button for Shadow priest doesn't change when you switch stance. I use a symbol "Glyph of Shadow Shadow" (Alters the appearance of your...
File: SuperVillain UI05-05-15
Posted By: Nicolya
Thanks for fast fixing many of issues. But I still had problem: the right dock backdrop is always displayed if I am reload/logout or I switch between buttons at right dock panel. At me this function is off.
File: SuperVillain UI05-04-15
Docks problem
Posted By: Nicolya
Cant switch between specializations with docks button and dont working menu (reload) button on the left dock panel.
File: SuperVillain UI05-03-15
Action Bars
Posted By: Nicolya
Hello!! Is it possible to change that Shadow priest stance panel looked differently when it is switched on? http://i.imgur.com/2sIVPCY.jpg Something like this http://i.imgur.com/dg9FeNh.jpg Thank you for your work!!! This is awesome! http://i.imgur.com/8Ddisyt.jpg Sorry, that again I disturb you. Here is how the...
File: SuperVillain UI03-24-15
Re: Incoming
Posted By: Nicolya
v1.1.102: > Removed debug messages from data brokers > Made adjustments to the AceGUI overrides to add more consistent style to UI widgets > Added missing options for threat thermometer and the ability to disable drunk mode entirely Cant open SV options now :( Delete all cash, addons and WTF, didn't help. http://i.imgur.com/...
File: SuperVillain UI03-21-15
Green border
Posted By: Nicolya
Sorry, but I want to return to the problem. Having completely removed all folders (WTF, Cash, Interface), I am installed anew of SVUI v1.1.081. Nameplates look normally but as soon as I try to put other addon (e.g. CoolLine), there is green border. I found that it is Border-None option. Help please, it very much disturbs. On pictures...
File: SuperVillain UI03-19-15
Thanks a lot for your work! I very...
Posted By: Nicolya
Thanks a lot for your work! I very much like your UI, but I have a problem. When I try to add other addon (for example Atlasloot, WeakAuras or any other...), nameplates sometimes have green border. http://i.imgur.com/kReJDOA.jpg?1
File: SuperVillain UI03-17-15
Hello! Include please more textures...
Posted By: Nicolya
Hello! Include please more textures for unitframes in this pack. Best regards!