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File: Broker: XPBar09-09-18
hide in vehicle?
Posted By: samvx
anyone knows how to do it?
File: GoGoMount07-30-18
Hello guys, it doesn't work for me...
Posted By: samvx
Hello guys, it doesn't work for me after pre-patch 8.0. Any suggestion? thanks in advance
File: Grid07-27-18
Posted By: samvx
Hey Guys! someone here knows how to set it up to show hots, dots, etc like the next image? https://media.forgecdn.net/attachments/86/720/screen.png
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 8.007-17-18
I've updated (more or less) for oUF...
Posted By: samvx
I've updated (more or less) for oUF 7.0 on GitHub. I'm looking at BFA changes and testing on beta so I'll do a release for pre-patch, but if you want compatibility with oUF 7.0, you can grab from github. Thank you for your work to keep it working.
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 8.005-05-18
some love?
Posted By: samvx
some love?
File: Grid02-12-18
swap "horizontal groups" set up by lua script
Posted By: samvx
swap "horizontal groups" set up by Lua script?
File: Raven09-10-16
hello .. anyone knows how to set s...
Posted By: samvx
hello .. anyone knows how to set show bigger icons when debuff damage is high. I mean, priorize dangerous debuffs at first
File: _NPCScan.Overlay09-05-16
Posted By: samvx
first at all, thank you very much... awsome update.. some bugs to be fixed but ..incrtedible update...thanks again
File: Button Forge08-28-16
who knows how to share position bar...
Posted By: samvx
who knows how to share position bar among all chars?....
File: Grid08-27-16
http://i.imgur.com/OXCLdHA.png w...
Posted By: samvx
http://i.imgur.com/OXCLdHA.png when I assign unitname status to icon, this shows rotated
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 8.008-26-16
Agree You rock!!!!! Thanks for wor...
Posted By: samvx
Agree You rock!!!!! Thanks for working on this. Buttttttt I downloaded the file and the frames still arent showing for the DK. Did they show up for your dk's samvx or gwyd? works like a charm btw, any chance to add abrsorb and prediction heal overlay? or any idea?
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 8.008-20-16
I've just uploaded a new version th...
Posted By: samvx
I've just uploaded a new version that fixes the runebar issue. On initial load, blizzard says the number of runes available to the DK is 0 instead of 6 so I can use their count and am just hard coding to 6. thats was very quickly... really appreciate it... thank you very much
File: Grid08-18-16
Love the addon, I've used it and co...
Posted By: samvx
Love the addon, I've used it and continue to use it for all my chars. any chance or posibility to a border as did "SexyGrid"? thans you in advance Edit: 08-18-16 (solved) nvm I have figured out how to at Grid/Frame.lua line 148 add this CreateBorder(frame, 12, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2) at Grid/Indicator/Borde...
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 8.008-17-16
error for dks
Posted By: samvx
5x oUF\elements\runebar.lua:151: attempt to index local 'rune' (a nil value) oUF\elements\runebar.lua:151: in function 'enable' oUF\ouf-1.6.8.lua:124: in function 'EnableElement' oUF\ouf-1.6.8.lua:295: in function (tail call): ? oUF\ouf-1.6.8.lua:587: in function 'Spawn' oUF_Hank\hank.lua:1522: in main chunk...
File: Evil Class Colors08-16-16
Does not work for me, i even disabl...
Posted By: samvx
Does not work for me, i even disable all addons except this one and nothing happens. same here
File: Instance Profit Tracker08-05-16
nice...thanks you..Iwas looking for...
Posted By: samvx
nice...thanks you..Iwas looking for some stuuf like this... I'll try it. Btw, what its your private and main tank frame? which addon do you have? A suggestion, make it works with data broker like chocolate bar or bazooka...ty in advance
File: Dugi Questing Essential08-01-16
Request Gear Advisor Feature
Posted By: samvx
Hi, awesome work. Any posibility for a "Gear Advisor Feature" stanalone version?
File: Binds When?07-29-16
Conflict with other addon
Posted By: samvx
Hi Phanx tyvm for all your work. it seems there is a conflict with an addon (Caerdon Wardrobe) using the same text , but removes on the rings, necks, trinckets or other unused in xmog
File: !SyLevel07-25-16
Re: Legion quick fix!
Posted By: samvx
Do like ceylina said... Edit line 40 in SyLevel\pipes\tradeskill.lua to... local id = C_TradeSkillUI.GetTradeSkillLine() ...then delete old libaray... SyLevel\libs\LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 Install update version found here. http://www.wowace.com/addons/libitemupgradeinfo-1-0/ good to go! :banana: works like a charm......
File: Swindler Preventer07-24-16
I'm sorry I didn't get around to pa...
Posted By: samvx
I'm sorry I didn't get around to patching this. In all honesty, I forgot about it. I have no real desire to ever play WoW again, and if I do, it probably won't be any time soon. I miss the coding aspect and working on the addon itself, but I really don't want to go anywhere near WoW as far as reinstalling and resubscribing just...
File: Kungaloosh07-24-16
Legion update?
Posted By: samvx
Hello, any plan for a update at Legion xpac? Edit: Change 80 by 100 at line 60, like this: if threat and threat > (self:GetMinThreat() * 100) then
File: !SyLevel07-21-16
Any change to get an update for leg...
Posted By: samvx
Any change to get an update for legion? :P I really hope so ... A suggestion ... look this improve BoE or BoP text
File: Toaster07-14-16
Scale option?
Posted By: samvx
hello !! nice work.... any one knows how to scale it? I eman, which line to use SetScale()
File: EventAlert06-21-16
Legion update? some ideas
Posted By: samvx
Hello CurtisTheGreat thanks for your work, i love it this addon! 1. Have you tested it on Legion? (some one did it?) -- 2. I have some ideas to visual options: 2.1 Glow proc animation (image example) http://media-curse.cursecdn.com/attachments/74/487/d8952a673d7b3ee83d7f862ba8dc16f6.jpg 2.2 Set timer into the icon ,...
File: Sexy Grid06-20-16
seems a necro post .. but itīs wor...
Posted By: samvx
seems a necro post .. but itīs working to anyone anymore? even with .lua modification