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File: Zera UI05-14-20
Re: Re: Ui Update
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Hey metal when will you be updating this ui :) Just updated <3 Thank you. And wanted to bring up that Gladius managed to escape your grasp when you removed it. Again thank you for the hard work and passion. Stay safe and have a good one.
File: sInterface05-01-20
Well first thing first, this is ama...
Posted By: nomad980
Well first thing first, this is amazing. I cut back on a lot of addons cause of it. I do want to report a bug, not sure if you want them on github or on here. When adding changes to the position of the uf, an error is generated. 1x AddOn 'sInterface' tried to call the protected function 'SpellStopCasting()'. :519: in function...
File: PhanxTooltip09-04-16
Hey Phanx, Noticed an issue that...
Posted By: nomad980
Hey Phanx, Noticed an issue that I have been trying to correct. The unit tooltips show an additional line. An example of this: "Level 100 Blood Elf Hunter (Player)" This happens right after changes made in line 362, which change the line to: "10 Blood Elf Hunter" I am taking a wild guess and thinking that its probably units th...
File: RealUI08-17-10
Hey nib what happened to the 5.1 al...
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Hey nib what happened to the 5.1 alpha that was up? I was using that one but now i cant seem to find it anywhere.
File: SlashHelp06-23-10
Originally posted by moonshade Th...
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Originally posted by moonshade The latest patch broke this, unfortunately. Something to do w/ the changes they made to the chatbox. Change all instance of "ChatFrameEditBox" to "ChatFrame1EditBox". Temp fix till it is actually updated by the creator. Make sure you also change it in the xml file.
File: tech skins for Btex03-07-09
they look great, going to try them...
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they look great, going to try them out in a bit. I do like the black with green one would definitely appreciate it if you ever post it. Reminds me of the xbox. I do have a question what are you using for your buffs and what are the bars in the bottom left corner?
File: Urban Achiever02-28-09
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Question, after looking at your screen shot i am a little confused, how do i get my achievement frame to look like that? Always keep on getting the regular blizzard frame. and an error Main.lua:2 154: attempt to index field 'tracker' (a nil value) i took off all my addons just to see what happened and thats the result.
File: ImprovedMerchant07-24-08
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I use an addon called Grimoire Keeper which keeps track of all the spells i have bought for the summons. Seems it doesn't work well with ImprovedMerchant. Is there any way you could add something similar? Thanks in advance for the reply.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-03-06
I love this addon, but I have one q...
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I love this addon, but I have one question that has been bothering me the whole time. Is there a way to remove the tooltips while your moving the frames? They tend to block my view when I am trying to configure my layout.