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File: oUF_Karma11-17-14
Re: arena / maintank frames
Posted By: Lunasea01
thank you for a great frames. may be anyone modiffied ouf_karma to see Arena frames and MainTank frames ? I've been asking for this for nearly 4 years. Haven't seen anyone else add it, nor do I think it's going to be a feature added. I myself don't know much about lua beyond config manipulation, so I haven't been able to add...
File: oUF_Karma10-19-14
Feature Add: Tank Frames
Posted By: Lunasea01
Are there any plans to add individual unit frames for Tank and Tank Target? I find this useful for all roles (monitoring offtank as MT, easy target and tracking of tanks as dps, and quick glance at status for tanks as healer). Been using oUF_Qulight for some time now because it has every frame I want/use, but I have always liked th...
File: oUF_Qulight12-12-12
How do I move the focus cast bar?...
Posted By: Lunasea01
How do I move the focus cast bar? I found where in lib to move all the others, but almost all the lines of code for f.mystyle == "focus" are missing. I tried to just copy and paste the parameters from another bar into the focus, but it didn't change anything for me. Thanks!
File: TomTom11-14-12
I got it going. Just overwrote the...
Posted By: Lunasea01
I got it going. Just overwrote the install. Don't know what could have been going on there, but it's going now. Appreciate the quick replies.
File: TomTom11-14-12
edit: scratch all that. Reinstalle...
Posted By: Lunasea01
edit: scratch all that. Reinstalled the addon and now it's working. Must have spazzed out somehow. Thanks, and appreciate the reply. Here is what I have set up, the settings associated with it, and what is going on: So using /way xx,yy I've set a couple dozen waypoints. Clear Waypoint Distance set to 5...
File: TomTom11-13-12
How do you go about setting this to...
Posted By: Lunasea01
How do you go about setting this to jump to the next closest waypoint? Went through the options, set the automatically clear waypoint slider to 5 yards. I can't even manually jump to the next waypoint. Clearing the current waypoint just breaks the arrow, makes it disappear, and it doesn't come back unless I reset the addon....
File: oUF_Karma10-01-12
Tank Frames?
Posted By: Lunasea01
Hey! I love the addon, and it's been working amazingly well. I wanted to know, are there any plans to add Main Tank frames to the addon?
File: oUF_Qulight08-28-11
So I figured how to move all the ca...
Posted By: Lunasea01
So I figured how to move all the cast bars but the focus cast bar. I added a line of code that allows me to reposition it, but the only variable that it acknowledges is vertical orientation. Any number I set the horizontal to, it ignores. if f.mystyle == "focus" then s:SetWidth(200) if cfg.HealFrames then s:SetP...
File: oUF_Karma07-30-11
Hey, I love the UI, but I wanted to...
Posted By: Lunasea01
Hey, I love the UI, but I wanted to know how complicated would it be to implement critical frames such as Main Tank and Boss frames? For my rogue I usually keep another rogue on focus for my tricks macro, and having MT frames helps for assist targeting similar to oUF_QuLight. oUF_Drk has the Boss frames which are superior to...
File: oUF_Drk07-29-11
Bar Updating
Posted By: Lunasea01
Is there a way to increase the frequency of my power bar and health bar updates? Right now it counts up energy on my rogue in increments of 20. I'd like to have it count up in real time as I regenerate energy, and I can't find any setting that controls the update rate. Thanks!
File: bBuffBars07-10-11
Thanks for that update. Those two...
Posted By: Lunasea01
Thanks for that update. Those two lines fixed it perfectly and now the bars display properly when I adjust the size. As for the temporary enchant there is two issues, but I've grown used to it so it's not a tremendous deal. One is I mentioned, if I put poisons on my weapons, the bars move down and make just a blank space. H...
File: bBuffBars07-01-11
TEnch Buffs
Posted By: Lunasea01
Hey, I love the addon, perfect for everything I need it for and amazingly lightweight. Up until 4.2 I haven't had any issues but after 4.2 the issue I've been having is with TEnch buffs (more specifically, poisons on weapons and shammy weapon enhancements). When I buff my items, the buff bar moves down as tho the bars appear...