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File: oUF_Drk10-07-12
Raid frame issues
Posted By: Mekilya
I have this installed & for the past month when i join a raid group my party bars do not stay in the same spot they did when i first installed this program & now the Raid Party members have a long grey line that extends out into the middle of the screen which no matter what i do i can not seem to fix. its as if the names are not line...
File: oUF Drk09-25-12
Help fixing issue w/ Battleground & dungeon parties
Posted By: Mekilya
Really love this UI however I recently am running into a problem. When joining a BG or Dungeon my screens do not come up where they previously have been placed for months now & all of a sudden when I am in a group I now have a grey shadow that is on the side of my party names going clear into the middle of the screen making it diffic...