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File: ArcHUD3 Classic11-01-19
Re: possible to combine quartz with archud 3?
Posted By: nyyr
hello. im a returning player. last time I played I found an edited file that made quartz bar into an arc for archud. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to do it? or would you consider adding support to it? any info would be greatly appreciated. I haven't used Quartz and never did such thing. But from the descri...
File: ArcHUD311-01-19
How do you move the player name pla...
Posted By: nyyr
How do you move the player name plate? Only the target frames can be moved. You need that option, please create a ticket on github.
File: ArcHUD3 Classic09-23-19
Re: I just found this addon...
Posted By: nyyr
... and I'm having trouble figuring out which arc represents what. Is there a guide somewhere, or a graphic with each arc labeled? No, but feel free to create such a guide ;-) It shouldn't be so complicated, though: In the default setup, there is only your health and mana/power arcs and your target's health arc. In addition,...
File: ArcHUD3 Classic09-22-19
Should be fixed - please report bug...
Posted By: nyyr
Should be fixed - please report bugs via Github, though ;-)
File: ArcHUD3 Classic09-06-19
question: how do I disable the puls...
Posted By: nyyr
question: how do I disable the pulsing of the arcs when I'm dead? Ähm, that's not possible - nobody requested that during the past eleven years to my knowledge. Simply stop dying :P Of course, you can always create a feature request on Github.
File: ArcHUD309-02-19
Posted By: nyyr
A version for WoW Classic is now also available: