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File: Monolith DKP12-16-19
Maximum dkp & reset
Posted By: Xzanidu
I was wondering is there a way you can set a maximum ammount of dkp someone can earn with the system ie if i wanted to set a total maximum ammount of lets say 600 dkp . Also our guild intends on having a dkp reset for phase 3 . i was wondering what is the best way to do a complete reset of everyones dkp ? IE setting it back to...
File: Monolith DKP11-30-19
Dkp Limit
Posted By: Xzanidu
an option i would like to see is a DKP limit . this could be used to stop hoarding and numbers getting out of control . i feel its a realy simple thing to add but a very useful option . have a tick box if you want your system to use it and a box to set that limit . once someone reaches that limit no more dkp can be awarded to that p...