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File: Atlas Legion06-25-17
Thank you
Posted By: Catitude
Thank you so much for your efforts to keep this updated & posting not only on Curse but here on the WowInterface site for those of us who have migrated to Minion since the Curse legacy client is no longer in play. :banana:
File: Button Forge10-22-14
Button Forge
Posted By: Catitude
:banana: Just wanted to let you know... I really really appreciate Button Forge, thank you so much for updating this & keeping it maintained. I do use a great deal of addons & I don't always remember to let the individual authors know just how deeply appreciated all of you are. Blessings :)
File: Reputation Bars04-17-13
Rep Bars Update
Posted By: Catitude
I would dearly love to see an update for this for 5.2 & thank you for a great addon :D
File: Auctioneer12-24-12
Faster replies
Posted By: Catitude
You might try posting questions & issues at http://forums.norganna.org You will need to take a moment or two to register but you will be able to post immediately & be more likely to get a quick response.