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File: Aurora: Missing Textures09-15-17
please update for 7.3 :) Project...
Posted By: Masssta123
please update for 7.3 :) Project is dead in years ;( That's only one textures-addon that perfectly fit with ElvUI black theme...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures12-19-16
Project is dead I think :/
Posted By: Masssta123
Project is dead I think :/
File: Aurora: Missing Textures10-26-16
I think we will not get update this...
Posted By: Masssta123
I think we will not get update this, but maybe some time... Update is hard and time-consuming process, we should have patience.
File: Aurora09-20-16
@Tonyleila When you update your...
Posted By: Masssta123
@Tonyleila When you update your addon Aurora: Missing Textures? I think people waiting for this :) Also, thanks for update Aurora.
File: Aurora: Missing Textures07-21-16
@Tonyleila Will you update Auror...
Posted By: Masssta123
@Tonyleila Will you update Aurora:Missing Textures and LeilaUI to WoW: Legion in near future? I had a break and now I'm back, still want use LeilaUI in Legion. Thanks for reply.
File: Aurora: Missing Textures11-02-14
I love your texture pack, but I hav...
Posted By: Masssta123
I love your texture pack, but I have one problem with, chat tab flashing doesn't work. Could you help me with such important feature for me? Thanks EDIT: I solved my problem with chat tab flashing (I think). I just deleted ChatFrameTab-NewMessage.blp and solved
File: Aurora11-05-13
Shields tick isn't skinned (yellow...
Posted By: Masssta123
Shields tick isn't skinned (yellow tick compare to class color tick): http://i.imgur.com/FUZw5uZ.jpg And why the shield tick look like different than others? How fix it? There's same problem with interface>addons, some have skinned ticks others not By the way, possible to skin stable and raid frame in Aurora: Missing Textures
File: Aurora: Missing Textures10-21-13
Is there any chance to skin missing...
Posted By: Masssta123
Is there any chance to skin missing textures, eg. stable and raid frames? For the moment I found that one, but that's not a problem, I skin it with ElvUI skins
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]09-03-13
Would you update it when patch 5.4...
Posted By: Masssta123
Would you update it when patch 5.4 comes out?
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]05-27-13
Dunfeon Finder role icons
Posted By: Masssta123
Hello, could you fix that problem in some way? I am using your texture back and ElvUI... Screen: http://www.tukui.org/storage/images/699849Clipboard01.jpg
File: DecUI03-10-13
How could you disable black transpa...
Posted By: Masssta123
How could you disable black transparent background around world map? PS: Sorry, but I posted same question in tukui.org. Answer here ;)
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]09-07-12
Could you do something with black b...
Posted By: Masssta123
Could you do something with black borders around world map? Maybe edit lua? I am using ElvUI, so I dont want it ;) http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/1424/wowscrnshot090712202536.jpg
File: Zombie01-01-12
Posted By: Masssta123
Could you update your addon to 4.3 patch and change rotation in each spec, I mean to add or remove some abilities. I don't like see Horn of the winter in rotation and some other spells. Thanks EDIT: Maybe I could delete that abilities from rotation, tell me how then and I could love this addon ;)