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File: Improved Blizzard UI04-11-18
hi, is there anyway to hide the pla...
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hi, is there anyway to hide the player's resource bar such as mana or fury so that only health shows? You won't see the original art and style but you can use Shadowed Unit Frames to customise the health bar like this. It can also show your buffs/debuffs under your health bar instead of in the top right of the screen.
File: Improved Blizzard UI04-09-18
Because you move the minimap, it in...
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Because you move the minimap, it inteferes with anything that modifies the the quest tracker on the right of the screen. I use Dugi guides and had to make the following edit in the minimap.lua file in your mod to stop it messing with the quest tracker. Apart from this, it's a great UI mod. if (FramesDB.showPerformance) the...
File: Improved Blizzard UI04-05-18
Show Mini toolbar?
Posted By: darkhelix
Could you consider adding an option to show the mini toolbar on the bottom right of the screen? (Character, Spellbook, Talents etc) Right clicking the mini-map is a pain when you need something quickly and are new to the game, I can navigate using the icons much faster. Thank you.
File: Improved Blizzard UI04-04-18
Re: Re: Re: Re: Bag toolbar?
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D:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ImprovedBlizzardUI\config.lua - is that the file you mean? There is no 'playerOffsetX or Y' value in that file but there is 'primaryOffsetX and Y', if you mean that? I edited lines 183 and 184 (below) but it does not change the position of the nameplates. I have tried restarting WOW, /reloa...
File: Improved Blizzard UI03-27-18
Re: Re: Bag toolbar?
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Unlocking and moving the frames will not work due to how this addon sets the position. However take a look in config.lua for playerOffsetX and playerOffsetY. Changing those should do what you want. Swapping bags can be done through the replacement micro menu. Right click the MiniMap and select Swap Bags (Might actually be Toggle B...
File: Improved Blizzard UI03-25-18
Bag toolbar?
Posted By: darkhelix
I'm a new player and am levelling from 0, so my equipment changes often. Q. As the bag toolbar is invisible, how do I change bags, without disabling the mod, if I get a better bag? Q. How do I move the character portraits? Even if I unlock them, I cannot move them. This works without the mod in vanilla WOW. Apart from this,...