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File: TomTom12-10-20
Re: Re: Re: TomTom not working since Shadowlands pre-patch
Posted By: Cluey
The map and POI integration are a bit tricky right now with the map and quest systems changing so dramatically. I haven't done an assessment of where they are right so I'm not perfectly sure. I do remember someone reporting an issue with the world map click modifier and recall the default needing to change, but I believe that is s...
File: Mythic Dungeon Tools12-10-20
Posted By: Cluey
I get this error when I zone in with the addon enabled, no error when disabled. 2x ...dOns\Blizzard_ChallengesUI\Blizzard_ChallengesUI.lua:229: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) :229: in function `ChallengesFrame_Update' :136: in function <...dOns\Blizzard_ChallengesUI\Blizzard_ChallengesUI.lua:127> Locals: self = Cha...
File: TomTom12-10-20
I've been having this issue since 9...
Posted By: Cluey
I've been having this issue since 9.0 and the introduction of the Map Pin. I've always used ctrl+shift+right click to set a TomTom waypoint on the map. Since the Map Pin became a thing I have not been able to use TomTom this way. No matter what I do, it always sets a Map Pin instead of a waypoint. I've tried every combination of...
File: Clique11-29-20
Re: clique blocking extra ability button
Posted By: Cluey
apparently CLIQUE bloqued the UI extra boss button in last boss Waycrest Manor, when u pick up the potion to burn the adds. as soon as i picked up the first potion the error popped and the button was not shown, so pretty much i cant burn the adds and rip keystone xD i thjink this also happened to me in Temple of Sethraliss in the spo...
File: TomTom11-09-20
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TomTom not working since Shadowlands pre-patch
Posted By: Cluey
Well, I Googled "WoW TomTom Beta" and got to the Curse page where they had a file listed as "v70300-1.0.1-beta"....so I downloaded it and got a whole new set of error messages. lol Well yeah you would, that's the version for WoW 7, which was Warlords of Draenor. What was wrong with my instructions?
File: TomTom11-08-20
Re: Re: Re: TomTom not working since Shadowlands pre-patch
Posted By: Cluey
According to my addon manager through Twitch, it says I am using 9.0.1 and that it is "up to date" And only a C+? I thought it was a solid B+/A- lol There's a difference between the game version and the addon version. Quite often there will be multiple addon versions for the same game version, which is what is happening no...
File: TomTom11-02-20
Re: TomTom not working since Shadowlands pre-patch
Posted By: Cluey
So I have been using TomTom for a bit now...not long, but I really enjoyed having my nice, friendly little green arrow pointing me where I needed to go. But since the pre-patch...he seems to have gone AWOL. I think Sylvanas has done something dastardly to him because all my attempts to coax him out from his hiding hole are not wo...
File: TomTom10-28-20
Re: Re: Still getting 9.0 errors.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Ludovicus, I grabbed the v90001-1.1.6 from Curseforge, I don't have an account there so I can't provide feedback there and couldn't find a Github. If I change GetQuestLogIndexByID to C_QuestLog.GetQuestLogIndexByID, as that was a 9.0.1 change, the error changes to: ... At which point I'm out of my depth and can't trouble shoo...
File: Details! Damage Meter10-28-20
Another 9/0 bug.
Posted By: Cluey
Pasting this here from the report I made in the Tercio's Addons Change Log : Bug List. The list isn't getting updated and the last bugs in the list are from BfA alpha. Not sure if you'll actually see this here but I don't have a Curse account so here it is. I can't remember what I clicked on to get this, I've not used it lon...
File: Mythic Dungeon Tools10-28-20
Mini-map button.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Nnoggie, I run a LDB display so I don't need the mini-map button but I can't find a way to hide it. Could you add an option for that please?
File: ExtraQuestButton10-25-20
Extra binding option.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi p3lim, With the extra binding option, if I set it when I get a quest with a button I need to use that binding even if there isn't a second one. I was expecting the default binding to work unless there were two available at the same time, is this a limitation you can't get around or that bit of logic isn't working? Also I no...
File: TomTom10-23-20
Still getting 9.0 errors.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Ludovicus, I grabbed the v90001-1.1.6 from Curseforge, I don't have an account there so I can't provide feedback there and couldn't find a Github. I've changed the Create note modifier key to Alt as Blizzards new system is using the Ctrl modifier now. You should probably make Alt the default now unless you can hijack their call...
File: Details! Damage Meter10-20-20
9.0 bugs.
Posted By: Cluey
I submitted a bug report but can't see it in the list so I'm not sure if it worked. I was going to add to it that I was using Details.v9.0.1.7908.143 version I got from Curseforge as you've not updated here yet. I don't have an account over there and don't want to make one, especially given the current changes happening. At the...
File: Broker_WorldQuests10-15-20
Re: Shadowlands support
Posted By: Cluey
I get an error in the beta: Broker_WorldQuests\WorldQuests.lua:274: attempt to call method '?' (a nil value) Looking at GitHub myno has said he doesn't play any more and isn't expecting that to change. I had a look but it's beyond my feeble abilities, there's another person looking into it too but it might be beyond them too...
File: Broker_Equipment10-14-20
9.0.1 'SetBackdrop' error
Posted By: Cluey
I went to make a pull request on Github but you've Archived it, so I'm posting here for others to see. Perhaps you've found a better addon for this and could share it? I still find this incredibly useful, I've been using it for so many years I couldn't tell you how long but I started using LDB plugins during TBC! I'm not much of...
File: Clique08-18-20
Hrm, it's going to be tough to help...
Posted By: Cluey
Hrm, it's going to be tough to help without access to Beta. Know of any keys I might be able to get my hands on? Other than opting in to beta I don't think there is a way of getting in, I guess you've lost your clout on the UI & Macros forum? There is a PTR up now, I've not looked at it yet though.
File: EventHorizon Continued04-17-20
Is there a chance to get this addon...
Posted By: Cluey
Is there a chance to get this addon back to live agian? Trying to get this functionallity into WeakAura is way to tiresome. And as far as I know there is no other addon that brings this unique functionallity. The most recent version works on retail, it's still tagged as a beta but it works fine.
File: Quest Bindings03-25-20
Re: Re: Some quests missing bindings.
Posted By: Cluey
Sorry to let this one go unupdated. I had no idea how many quests were using the new title button pool until I started leveling my warlock alt from 110 today. If you update this addon while logged into the game, make sure to exit the game completely and log back in. (It adds a small xml file that won't be recognized if you do an...
File: Quest Bindings01-21-20
Some quests missing bindings.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Gello, I've become so used to this addon I feel lost without it! There are some quest windows it doesn't activate for, I noticed it a while ago but it was mostly the campaign quests you'd only do once so it didn't really matter but recently more have popped up. Zahra Sandstalker, one of the new daily quest givers in Uldum, has...
File: Misspelled01-21-20
Greenwall error.
Posted By: Cluey
I've joined a mega guild with one of my characters and they use Greenwall to provide a common guild chat across the multiple guilds. I get error messages from Greenwall when I send a message with a "typo" according to Misspelled, more often than not it's just a word/abbreviation which isn't in the dictionary, like rare mob names or...
File: TomTom01-21-20
Re: Add current coordinates to chat
Posted By: Cluey
Hello! Apologies if this has been asked/answered, I have searched thoroughly and haven't been able to find a solution yet. Is there a way to publish/print the current coordinates to the chat window? For example, if I've engaged a rare enemy at {50, 50} is there a way to output this into, for example, General chat? I have a macro:...
File: TomTom11-15-19
Error from Retail.
Posted By: Cluey
I decided to go and clear up some old quests and got this error. 1x TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:211: attempt to index field 'profile' (a nil value) TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:211: in function TomTom\TomTom_POIIntegration.lua:245: in function ...
File: Clique08-21-19
Damn, can you downgrade to the prev...
Posted By: Cluey
Damn, can you downgrade to the previous version? Sorry about that and I'll try to fix it asap. Installing the previous version restores the functionality and even remembered my bindings, I was concerned it wouldn't as the box came up empty.
File: Battle Pet BreedID08-21-19
Missing breed.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Simca, I recently got an extra Glittering Diamondshell and it has ??? for the breed. I'll hang onto it for now to see if you want me to test anything, it might clear up if I add a level or 24. Google Drive won't insert as an image.
File: Rematch07-03-19
Filter fail.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Gello, I've been slowly capturing the wild pets in Mechagon and noticed that the Malfunctioning Microbot doesn't show in the list if you search for Mechagon. This is quite odd as when you look at its pet card it clearly says it's from a pet battle in Mechagon. Edit. I might be going mad. It's now showing up and I didn't do a...