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File: Broker_Currency07-19-18
Request: Profile Support
Posted By: kittykatmax
Would be great if you could add Profile support. As an altoholic, having to tweak this on every toon is painful. Thanks for a great addon, and for considering my request!
File: Useful Extras04-28-18
Welcome back!!!
Posted By: kittykatmax
So nice to see you're back! Hope you've been well. :)
File: Neuron03-09-18
Pet bar
Posted By: kittykatmax
So, I just started using Neuron recently - nice to see this general project continue! I was a Macararon/Ion user for years, but I've gotten a bit rusty. Is there some trick to getting a stance bar that populates with stances, or to creating a "pet bar" for a non-pet class so that it appears for certain quests (Trouble Under Foot in...
File: LUI v301-21-18
Is this UI dying? I'm looking for a...
Posted By: kittykatmax
Is this UI dying? I'm looking for a new one and wanted to see about this one The author isn't as active on their site as they have been in the past (busy IRL I suspect), but I'm using this addon, with the LUI Core r834-alpha (via Twitch) dated December 5, 2017 and things are working just fine for me - no errors coming up. Definit...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)11-07-16
There is an alpha version that most...
Posted By: kittykatmax
There is an alpha version that mostly works (links don't, apparently). Can get via Curse Client or WoWAce.
File: ObjectiveTracker For Modernists09-25-16
How to edit? It's GIGANTIC
Posted By: kittykatmax
I installed your addon, and now the quest objectives are simply ginormous and going off the screen. How does one resize this sucker? Also, shift+dragging doesn't work.
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper07-23-16
Loot-Loot.lua:35 attempt to compare nil with numbers
Posted By: kittykatmax
This is an old bug. What's weird is the toon name was not the name of either the toon I was on, or the toon I invited to party....WEIRD stuff. The toon IS on the same account as the toon I copied this error from. ------ From Bugsack: 25x Hydra\Modules\Loot-Loot.lua:35: attempt to compare nil with number Hydra\Modules\Loot...
File: Rematch07-15-16
newly saved teams disappeared upon logoff
Posted By: kittykatmax
I created all the teams for doing Celestials. Created each team, did a "save as" for each new team and set them up with the correct "notworthy" Celestial target.... I SAW the saved teams. Finish up, properly log off, log onto a different toon. Start Celestials batte....don't see teams. Think maybe it wasn't saving account-wide...
File: LUI v304-05-16
Hang in there....
Posted By: kittykatmax
I'm sorry to hear you've been fighting depression. Keep on fighting, it does get better! /hug
File: Broker_Everything04-05-16
Getting the following error: Mes...
Posted By: kittykatmax
Getting the following error: Message: Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:151: attempt to index local 'data' (a number value) Time: 04/05/16 10:43:52 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:151: in function Locals: self = { 0 =
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper08-12-15
I'll think of stuff that Jamba does...
Posted By: kittykatmax
I'll think of stuff that Jamba does that Hydra or no other addon does and post to Github. - Provides a targeting system, using raid icons (moon, skull, cross, etc) to allow mobs to be marked and their health to be watched. - Marking a mob creates a /targetexact mobname macro on each character; allowing for quick target chang...
File: Postal08-09-15
Way to have it prefer same realm toons
Posted By: kittykatmax
Hi, thanks for a great addon. I have two active accounts within the same Battle.net account, and I frequently send items to various characters between them. I often "reuse" names across realms, which is making this addon a bit frustrating to use. Only BoA items can be mailed to other realms, and that's not a constant need by...
File: New Openables07-23-15
Rush Order: Shipyard always on top
Posted By: kittykatmax
I'm finding the Rush Order from the shipyard defaults to being on top of everything. Given I'm at max ships in my shipyard, it's not very helpful! lol I've blacklisted it, but thought I'd give you a heads up. Thanks for a fantastic addon!
File: MetaMap06-08-15
Can't view "all quests"
Posted By: kittykatmax
I installed MetaMap and started having an issue where, if I wanted to view all quests, it would sort of flash them then jump back to showing only zone quests. I tried disabling the "extra" bits of your addon, but the problem didn't go away until I shut off your addon completely. Oddly, it wasn't throwing any lua errors. Thoughts?
File: LUI v306-01-15
cooldown.lua: 205: attempt to call method 'ShouldUpdate' (a nil value)
Posted By: kittykatmax
Got this today - I wind up with a "there are too many errors in your UI" message from just this one bug. Thanks. 770x LUI\modules\cooldown\cooldown.lua:205: attempt to call method 'ShouldUpdate' (a nil value) LUI\modules\cooldown\cooldown.lua:205: in function (tail call): ? : in function...
File: New Openables04-29-15
I would love to be able to anchor t...
Posted By: kittykatmax
I would love to be able to anchor the quest bar separately from the "openable" button, so I am *begging* for that as a future feature. The way it works now, the anchoring randomly shifts the space between the two parts of this addon (openable button and quest bar), so the quest bar winds up getting "stuck" behind vital parts of my U...
File: New Openables04-17-15
I do have one question - how do you...
Posted By: kittykatmax
I do have one question - how do you move the quest item bar? I have everything unlocked, but I can't move and locate just the quest bar - and if I move the "openable" button, the location of the quest bar randomly moves elsewhere on my screen. Thanks again!
File: New Openables04-07-15
Posted By: kittykatmax
I loved Openables, but New Openables is even better - really makes life simpler in WoW, so I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much your efforts/contributions are appreciated! :)
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)11-23-14
I miss the option to disable the fa...
Posted By: kittykatmax
I miss the option to disable the fade out animation.... At the older version i can disable "fade out". Now is alwys fade out. And sometimes it is buggy... How i can disable it? Thanks I would also like to disable the fade animation. Thanks!
File: LUI v310-20-14
30 Mans appearing as 25 mans
Posted By: kittykatmax
Did a heroic SOO, and the LUI raid frames show only a 25 man raid when there are in fact up to 30 raid members. Can't find a setting to adjust it manually. Thanks for a terrific addon!
File: Auditor10-14-14
Comment out (or delete) lines 281-3...
Posted By: kittykatmax
Comment out (or delete) lines 281-302 in Auditor2\Core.lua and you're good (enough) to go for 6.0. Doesn't update it to know about newer ways of spending $, but this at least makes it work as well as it did yesterday... For those without go-to line #s or whatnot, search for "local guildLevel = GetGuildLevel()" and delete/comment...
File: ArkInventory10-14-14
Reagent Bank tab
Posted By: kittykatmax
Any way to program it so it can automagically put reagents in there? I have to disable the addon so I can use the button blizz provides to do this. Thanks so much for keeping this addon going! Blizzard may have added more functionality, but it can't even begin to compare to what we get with your addon. :)
File: BAB Bars10-12-14
Yes. Your're right. 999 Is too much...
Posted By: kittykatmax
Yes. Your're right. 999 Is too much. :) I'll lower that value. Thanks. Beside of fixing various bugs and doing performance enhancements (eg. dragging large circle bars are now way faster and won't lock the client anymore) I'm currently working on some new features like a handy one-click spell selector (as an alternative to draggin...
File: BAB Bars10-11-14
Thanks for reporting the error. Cou...
Posted By: kittykatmax
Thanks for reporting the error. Could you please state if the character in question has any mounts in its list? If you're asking if I had mounts on the bar at the time, yes. I've reinstalled wow from scratch to try to troubleshoot some issues I've been having, so I couldn't tell you which ones. :( Also, new bit of fun - two mo...
File: BAB Bars10-06-14
attempt to concatenate local 'creatureName' (a nil value)
Posted By: kittykatmax
Bars seem to hide/show (change alpha, whatever) properly now. Thanks! Something from the Bug Sack: 1x BAB\Core.lua:507: attempt to concatenate local 'creatureName' (a nil value) BAB\Core.lua:507: in function `UpdateSpellRepository' BAB\Core.lua:528: in function `OnEvent' BAB\Core.lua:3540: in function ...