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File: SnowfallKeyPress12-28-09
Re: Default Blizzard Animation
Posted By: Ymoon
Hey, first of all great addon, I have a problem though. Every time I log the settings kind of reset. The list shows all the keys I saved being under effect, but actually only 1-9 stay that way, and I have to change settings again for the rest to start working (shift+1-9, R, G, B). Any suggestions how to solve this? At the mome...
File: DR Tracker06-08-09
Hey, I really like the addon, but f...
Posted By: Ymoon
Hey, I really like the addon, but for some reason I cant get the DRs on "self" to work alone, without the "show friendly" also enabled (to monitor my own DR after getting spam frostnova'd etc but not my teammates' too) To put it differently, I'm forced to look at all friendly DR timers if I wanna be able to look at mine - which I...