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File: CooldownWatch (ct)12-02-11
Great fix!
Posted By: Euthanyze
Thanks for this fix, you really have no idea how much I love this addon.
File: PortraitTimers08-14-11
Cooldown Sweep
Posted By: Euthanyze
Cooldown sweep add it <3<3<3 :p
File: Afflicted307-31-11
Can someone fix this?
Posted By: Euthanyze
Here's the .lua error i'm getting: Message: Interface\AddOns\Afflicted\spells.lua:282: table index is nil Time: 07/31/11 02:02:20 Count: 152 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Afflicted\spells.lua:282: in function `GetTotemClass' Interface\AddOns\Afflicted\Afflicted.lua:191: in function `?' ...ted\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandle...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames04-14-11
dispellable buffs
Posted By: Euthanyze
Can we get a highlight around dispellable buffs? and maybe even a way to use blizzard icons for the buffs/debuffs? So that way I can use the AI-Art Icons for the buffs/debuffs? that would make this addon literally perfect IMO!
File: PortraitTimers04-12-11
Cooldown Sweep
Posted By: Euthanyze
The only thing missing is the shadow cooldown sweep, for such an awesome addon I really don't get why this wasn't there in the first place o.O Also, I would love an option to just remove the decimal counter.
File: MoveAnything02-19-11
Target Debuffs Anchor?
Posted By: Euthanyze
I can't seem to change the target buffs or debuffs size/offset without the debuffs anchoring to the same place as the buffs. All I want is for it to be just like the default frame, but with the icons a little bigger and moved a little to the left, but I can't figure this out.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced11-25-10
cant open cata stuff
Posted By: Euthanyze
Earlier today I could look at all the cata gear, but now I cant. When I click to see the armor/weapons nothing happens?
File: Allez UI11-19-10
Font? Button skin?
Posted By: Euthanyze
What font and button skin is this? I would love to sue them for my ui :>
File: BlizzBuffsFacade11-18-10
Can't click off buffs
Posted By: Euthanyze
This addon is AWESOME, simple yet effective. also, if you could add a scaling and/or spacing feature, that would be amazing!:)
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)10-29-10
suggested saving method
Posted By: Euthanyze
I would suggest that you somehow allow the ability to save a profile after you made it, for example: using config 1 make new profile, config b edit bars then you should be able to save the current config onto config b as far as I can tell you can only make a new profile by editing the one you have and then saving that under a...
File: ClassUnitFrame!10-24-10
Posted By: Euthanyze
How is this supposed to work? when I download it this is what I get: Rar! ϐs )t F HZ6=3! ClassUnitFrame\ClassUnitFrame.TOC pr Ք̽ wA~ an it keeps going for a very long time.
File: LoseControl10-16-10
an options for buffs?
Posted By: Euthanyze
I wonder if you could make an option to watch important buffs instead of debuffs? such as ice block, bubble, etc. like this is how I want my UI: Lc Debuffs..player...target...Lc buffs ............ the normal LC lets me watch debuffs on me, but I can't find an addon to watch buffs, besides power auras, which I have been using...
File: OmniCC Beta10-10-10
Don't want it on target Auras
Posted By: Euthanyze
So I'm trying to get it to show the timers only on my action bars, not on the auras of my target or anything, but I can't seem to do it. Is there a way?
File: whoa UnitFrames09-29-10
Re: Re: Moving the frames
Posted By: Euthanyze
Originally posted by whoarrior Read the older comments, i won't answer questions twice. :P (: OK but the thing is I've been messing with the config for a while and nothing seems to change at all. >>>> positions = { -- = { a = "TOPLEFT", x = 100, y = -55 }, -- PlayerFrame (default position) -- = { a = "T...
File: whoa UnitFrames09-29-10
Moving the frames
Posted By: Euthanyze
I can't seem to move the frames from the config.lua MoveAnything can move them all it seems, except the player frame?
File: wChat09-02-10
Re: Re: Edit Box Fade out/click through?
Posted By: Euthanyze
Originally posted by weasoug Im not to sure what you mean here. but to me it sounds like to do with the in game options of chat. "interface/Social change chat style. from im style to classic style" and maybe tick the option for "remove chat hover delay" and set the timestamp if its not showing. as alot had to come out of this mo...
File: wChat09-01-10
Edit Box Fade out/click through?
Posted By: Euthanyze
I really hate how the edit box never fades all the way out, and if you click on the edit box you can't click on the chat tabs unless you reload UI. is there any way to change/fix these things?