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File: Afflicted306-29-11
Broke for 4.2
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I had a fix but now its broke again lol
File: Killing Blows06-29-11
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Seems as of Patch 4.2 wont give any sound anymore not sure its now a conflict with my other adds
File: Spell Stealer05-23-11
bigger reporting
Posted By: Abacinate
Hi there how would one put this in MSBT or somewhere bigger ? too small in the announcing in the general chat thing Let me know
File: MikScrollingBattleText10-20-10
eternal glory
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Hey there this isnt really a buff but it adds holy power when you have it work. anyone figure out how to pop this one into a trigger :) ?
File: EnemyScanner10-15-10
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didnt know this was here and now I primarily use carbonite (which is slow) for the punks feature I will install it when I get home, does this mod have a configurable sound file to play when it detects someone ? Thanks!
File: MikScrollingBattleText10-15-10
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hi,s eems like my overpower on power auras lights up but no sound plays for me. the other sounds seem to work I thought they wont work with wav ? seems fine
File: Outfitter10-13-10
Outfittere now on 4 Live
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Hi I am at 5.01 but and it seems to load fine but when I click on the various sets I have nothing happens. it seems like it recognizes the slots etc as when i click onthe different sets the checkmark moves to a question mark but nothing actually happens
File: Power Auras Classic12-26-09
Re: Re: Swiftmend with Grid
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Hey there, thanks for the response :) I would do that however with the "action usable" option, all those types of selections are greyed out; and for swiftmend I would like it to sense when the action is usable and available. Would buff accomplish the same thing I can test it i suppose :) Nope; needs to be able to be done throu...
File: Power Auras Classic12-23-09
Swiftmend with Grid
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Hi there. is there an option for this addon to sense when Swiftmend is available on someone in yer raid you are not targetting but has a HOT on them ? Currently it works great on myself, and on tanks or persons i physically target but since I like to use grid, although swiftmend is available it will not light up. let me know an...
File: Speedy Actions12-12-09
Hey had to disable it too with maca...
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Hey had to disable it too with macaroon, caused some buttons to not work at certain times etc Originally posted by Politig Doesn't work with Dominos when you click a button that doesn't have a keybind :(
File: Grid12-03-09
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Hi if i use this new version, will it break all the addons ie mana bars etc. Let me know
File: AnnoyingBuffReminder10-14-09
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Thanks Wik. It works now, im 32, but one thing I have enabled "seal" and Aura but if i pull them off (and im out of in the wilderness in ashenvale) and itwill remind of my of righteous fury, auras, and blesssings. But not seals all the time, sometimes my seal works, right now its not and yeah its turned on witht he /abr seal th...
File: Afflicted310-14-09
Not loading
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Hmm....not seeing anything, i think it worked once in a BG but nothing as of late. I will try to disable other addons. Any known issues with this ? Everything seem enabled inside
File: AnnoyingBuffReminder09-26-09
Weird on one paladin its ok another nope
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Hi there, two paladins on one account, one is 54 and one is like 10. Yet for some reason no matter what I do, disable other mods its the same profiles, ABR will not show anything on the level 10 one but it works fine on the level 54 one. I tried playing with the different spells on / off and of course not being in town etc....
File: Power Auras Classic08-03-09
Hey there :) Action usable
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Hi might have been asked but, is there a trick to this. Stuff like barkskin would want to make it so that it would show up when i can use it and vanish until its "back off of cooldown" Action usable doesnt seem to do this anything i need to do specifically ?
File: DR Tracker06-13-09
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Same thinghere. Like the add on as well but want only mine :)
File: Afflicted306-13-09
Hi :)
Posted By: Abacinate
Hi there :) How come I have no spells at all anymore, do i have to add them. Forgive me if this is a stupid question!
File: Combo Points Redux04-14-09
druids ?
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Hey there, what about lacerate and druid combo points do they work :) Let me know!
File: Livestock02-22-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: travel form
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Hey there. I am using US version, I will go try it again to make sure. I tested it out with enable flight form with smart mount behaviour safe flight allow to break stealth Smart mount will cast travel form/gw in combat Everything else is unchecked. PS - This might have been a problem macaroon. I will test it again but...
File: Livestock02-21-09
Re: Re: travel form
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Yep. Test it out. If you switch to travel form in combat, you will be "stuck" in it until you actually switch to another form other than flight form. I had the same thing going on with my macro setup for that too. Originally posted by Recompense Do you mean that when you leave combat, you can't use Smart Mounting to chan...
File: Livestock02-19-09
travel form
Posted By: Abacinate
Hey there. Was hoping this mod would fix this but it does the same thing as my macros Its the smart mount and I'm a druid If im in combat and i change into travel form.... it will basically get "stuck" in travel form until i change into another form.... meaning it will not go to flight form even though it should..... Any...
File: CooldownWatch01-02-09
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never mind im dumb but i will ask...any chance of you setting it up so i can have a different "bar" of cooldowns for the forms im in ? or maybe a second set ?
File: CooldownToGo10-25-08
Re: Re: faerire fire - feral
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Seems good :) Originally posted by mitch0 Hello, I hopefully fixed it with v1.2, please check it and report back, as I don't have a druid to test this with. Thanks, mitch
File: ErrorMonster10-25-08
cooldownto go / error mosnter
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Why would disabling cooldowntogo also disable error monster ? any reason ? seems like it would have nothing to do with each other.
File: CooldownToGo10-24-08
faerire fire - feral
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Hey there with the new addon version when i try and use faeire fire feral it says cooldowntogo.lua:116 attempt to index local link(a nil value) didnt do this previously. hope you can fix it :)