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File: Enemy Ability Bar02-09-11
Excellent addon. I've been waiting...
Posted By: Shlink
Excellent addon. I've been waiting for one of these that lets you edit your list in game instead of having to mess with the .lua file. Unfortunately it stopped working for me in 4.0.6. Could we get an update? :)
File: DR Tracker12-04-10
An update to this would be awesome!...
Posted By: Shlink
An update to this would be awesome! it doesn't seem to work anymore :(
File: Lazy Honor09-05-10
hahaha i love it! You don't know h...
Posted By: Shlink
hahaha i love it! You don't know how many times i've closed the Battlegrounds window and pressed H to check how much honor I have, then say, "DOH!" looks like I wasn't the only one lol
File: Afflicted306-03-09
I couldn't get afflicted to work in...
Posted By: Shlink
I couldn't get afflicted to work in arenas no matter what I did, so I disabled all addons except for it to see if it was conflicting with something and sure enough it worked in skirmishes. I slowly enabled addons again to see what would make it stop working, and I got every single one turned back on and afflicted still works. I don...
File: Afflicted305-27-09
Not working in Arenas
Posted By: Shlink
I can not get Afflicted3 to work in arenas. I have tried checking "Arenas" by its self, "Everywhere Else" by its self, I've tried just both of those checked, and I've also tried checking every single one. It works great in battlegrounds and world pvp / duels but I can't get the default, or my own anchors to show up in arenas. I have...
File: NugEnergy01-08-09
Combo Points
Posted By: Shlink
Hey, I LOVE this addon, it works great. Not to sound rude, but I don't particularly like NugComboBar. Is there any way I could add just a small text number somewhere on this bar displaying how many combo points I have on the target?
File: ProxDim Redux04-03-08
Hey, first I want to say that this...
Posted By: Shlink
Hey, first I want to say that this is the best addon ever created :p Having to use NeCB for dr tracking was pretty annoying for many reasons. I can't seem to get this latest version to work. I have Proximo2 installed, and Proxdim is in my addons folder / enabled at char select. In arenas, proximo shows up as usual but the proxdim...