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File: Rupture Tourney04-22-09
thanks alot matey. works like a cha...
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thanks alot matey. works like a charm :)
File: Rupture Tourney04-18-09
It might just be me and my comp and...
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It might just be me and my comp and a really late night. But the unitframes doesnt work for me. onlything that works seem to be the aura cooldowns. Did this happen with 3.1 or am i happily bugged?
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-12-09
Re: Progress Report
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Originally posted by Softrix Due to development project workloads ive not had the chance to pop on here and keep you guys updated with the progress of Natur Enemy Castbar. However, here I am still alive and kicking, still working on the project and adding stuff as i find time :p A new update will be released shortly, sorry for...
File: CC Tracker02-14-09
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Is it just me or doesnt this track sap kidneyshot and cheapshot at all? cause it aint showing me the bars atleast.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar01-20-09
bar colors
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Heya:) I I used to use the old necb and picked up your beta resently. And as a first comment it kinda buggs me that the bars change coulor as time passes. I prefered the old way where everything where colored by typ and stayed the same all the way. that way it where easy to spot the information you wanted quickly. Also, som...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar09-08-08
dang really wanted an earlier relea...
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dang really wanted an earlier release. Oh well. Keep up the good work:) looking forward too wotlk.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar08-24-08
Originally posted by Zeronic Hmm...
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Originally posted by Zeronic Hmm how long is it? Like 4 months till wotlk? Maybe this mod should be prepared for wotlk instead of working to release this beta right now. Well tbh I dont think the is much in the way of spells being added to this release. What needs to be done is making bars display properly and sort out some bug...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar07-30-08
Noticed that sometimes Diminishing...
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Noticed that sometimes Diminishing returnes appear even whitout a target. dunno if thats intentional. I it seem to be mostly rogueskills(not sure if its only that). dunno if its because its because im a rogue. And actualy when i where playing on my brothers computer, the bar for deadly poison dissappared when a second layer procced....
File: Natur Enemy Castbar07-23-08
Originally posted by laeg Why doe...
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Originally posted by laeg Why does my options window look nothing like the screenshot? Why have I only half the options? If you look just under the ss you'll see that its from the soon comming beta3.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar07-12-08
Originally posted by Maccaa Added...
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Originally posted by Maccaa Added new picture to show the target/focus icons. Hope that is what you had in mind. You are the man.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar07-12-08
I would like if you added the T and...
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I would like if you added the T and F to show which bars belong to your focus and target necb used to have.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar05-14-08
Originally posted by HyperGig do...
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Originally posted by HyperGig do the killing blow sounds work again in the beta?:):banana: no.
File: Ghost: Pulse05-12-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Arena
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Originally posted by Footrot Okay, I'll look into further and see what I can do to get this going for you. Ok. Thanks:)
File: Ghost: Pulse05-11-08
Re: Re: Arena
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Originally posted by Footrot Good point! I'll look into this for you. EDIT: Okay, I've made the adjustment - should be on WowAce shortly. Look for r73395 and please, let me know if it works as you need it to. Hm, downloaded r73439 from wowace and it doesnt seem to fix it. I tried with cloak of shadows. if i use it and ente...
File: Ghost: Pulse05-10-08
Posted By: deuce
This addon doesnt seem to reset the cooldowns when you enter the arena. Is that possible to fix maybe?
File: OmniCC05-05-08
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Heya I noticed a bug in this addon. I play a rogue, and when i enter the arena the cooldowns an my stealthed bar doesnt reset. I dont know if this have been addressed before, or if its possible to fix, but its atleast slightly annoying. Give it a look will ya:) Thx for a great addon /deuce