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File: sInterrupt01-18-11
Originally posted by artiq Due to...
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Originally posted by artiq Due to delay this addon sometimes seem to announce that I interrupted even though I missed. This happens when I kick very late of the cast. Is it something that may be fixed by checking combat log or something? Fairly sure that this is a bug in the combat text - msct announces interrupts for me as wel...
File: Icicle01-17-11
Originally posted by xthothx nobb...
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Originally posted by xthothx nobbe this doesn't change the look of your nameplates just adds cooldowns I think what you are after is this http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18793-shNameplates.html#info Ah ok! Thanks a lot!
File: Icicle01-17-11
Activation problems?!
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I've downloaded the addon and it's checked in my active addons, however I can only see the default nameplates. Is there some kinda setup options or something that I need to do to active it?
File: DR Tracker01-16-11
Originally posted by Vad13 try th...
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Originally posted by Vad13 try this: http://_narod._ru_/disk/27134390000/DRTracker.rar.html Show only your current target diminishings. Don't forget to remove "_" from link) No offense to Vad13 but has anyone checked that file for viruses etc? XD Just a dr tracker for focus and target would fit my needs...
File: sInterrupt01-15-11
Re: Re: How to make it work in BGs
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No rush though, the addon is nice and neat as it is though! Cudos for making it. Been getting some nice feedback on my interrupts and spellsteals from guildmembers. :) Maybe there could be an option to announce remove hex / cleanses and such as well? Food for thought! Originally posted by Snoweh I've yet to learn about coding...
File: sInterrupt01-12-11
How to make it work in BGs
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I edited the code for it to be working in BGs in following fashion: Replaced if (ZoneName == "Tol Barad") or (ZoneName == "Wintergrasp") or (ZoneName == "Alterac Vally") or (ZoneName == "Arathi Basin") or (ZoneName == "Eye of the Storm") or (ZoneName == "Isle of Conquest") or (ZoneName == "Strand of the Ancients") or (ZoneName...
File: Cirk's Ammocheck11-09-08
Seems like a nice addon (especially...
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Seems like a nice addon (especially as i'm not using fubar or such) Gonna give it a try when I get home. :)