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File: nUI: Integration [Carbonite+Omen]07-14-11
I hadn't tried this plugin before 4...
Posted By: Coasty
I hadn't tried this plugin before 4.2 arrived, but did try it yesterday. I'm guessing that 4.2 broke it because the map never switched out to Omen3 for me.
File: HandyNotes (tempfix)12-28-10
Installed fix v1.1.6c and plugins disappeared
Posted By: Coasty
The subject line says it all. I have HandyNotes and the Vendors, Trainers, and City Guide plugins installed, and have the problem with the icons sitting on top of the arrow cursor. So, today I installed your HandyNotes fix, plus your mailbox addon v1.07a, and with your fix installed the only plugins that appear in the HandyNo...
File: Fishing Buddy11-21-10
Fishing Buddy works correctly with only 1 out 3 toons
Posted By: Coasty
I have the 0.9.9d Beta 2 installed (from curse.com), along with the Merge Data, Tracking, and Outfit Display addons. I've found that FB is severely disabled for two of my three toons (I rarely use them), a Warrior and a DK. At the moment FB is only working correctly on my main toon (with one exception, see below), a Hunter. Back befo...
File: FuBar -- FishingBuddyFu11-08-10
Convert FuBar_FishingBuddyFu to LDB Format?
Posted By: Coasty
Is there any chance you could turn FuBar_FishingBuddyFu into a LDB based addon? Not being much of a programmer, how much work would it take to convert this to LDB format? Seeing as Fubar is now totally busted, and it doesn't look like it's going to be updated any time soon, if ever. Frankly, Bazooka is so much superior it's ridicu...
File: BonusScanner Continued08-08-09
BonusScanner Continued v5.1e Not Loading.
Posted By: Coasty
After I log in and get to the server login page BonusScanner is listed along with the other addons when I check the list of addons. Also, on the addons page the option to load outdated addons is turned on. The problem is that after I log into the Garrosh server BonusScanner is no longer listed in the addon list and, of course, it...